Selena Gomez NOT Looking To Date Calvin Harris, Despite Report

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Selena Gomez Date Calvin Harris

By Shari Weiss |

Selena Gomez Date Calvin Harris

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Selena Gomez is NOT looking to date Calvin Harris, despite a new report wrongly alleging she said they’d be a “perfect match.” Gossip Cop can bust the story.

“The heart wants what it wants — even if it’s your BFF’s ex,” writes Life & Style, which claims in its new issue that Gomez has “made a shocking confession” about Harris now that he and Taylor Swift have split. A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Selena’s told friends she believes she and Calvin would make a perfect match.”

The supposed source goes on to claim, “Selena has always had her eye on Calvin… She always thought Taylor just wasn’t right for him and the breakup confirmed that in her mind. She says she and Calvin would make a better couple.”

Life & Style notes that “Taylor wouldn’t be happy to hear what Selena’s been saying.” But, if she does, the outlet’s snitch claims Gomez “will just try to laugh it off.” Adds the alleged tipster, “Selena doesn’t want to lose her best friend.”

That’s a convenient cover for when Gomez never actually pursues Harris. But the truth is, the singer-actress doesn’t actually have any interest in the deejay. And she’s certainly not talking about her supposed affections for him behind Swift’s back.

It’s worth noting that Life & Style is the same outlet that previously made up two false Gomez pregnancy stories. The tabloid also erroneously claimed last year that she had “relapsed” and was being “forced into rehab.” This Harris story may seem more trivial by comparison, but wrong is wrong, and this most certainly is.


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