Selena Gomez NOT Buying The Weeknd Car For Birthday, Despite Report

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Selena Gomez Buying The Weeknd Car

By Shari Weiss |

Selena Gomez Buying The Weeknd Car

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Selena Gomez is NOT buying The Weeknd a car for his birthday, despite a report from a webloid repeatedly caught fabricating stories about the couple. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this latest tall tale.

“Selena Gomez Buying The Weeknd Luxury Sports Car For His Bday?: Her Romantic Plans,” reads the headline of a purported “exclusive” from HollywoodLife. It says in the story, “Selena Gomez, 24, is ready to drop some serious cash on her man, The Weeknd, 26, for his birthday on Feb. 16! If the gift she’s getting him is telling to the seriousness of their romance, then things are heating up FAST.”

The widely discredited site specifically asserts, “The Weeknd may need to make some room in his garage, because Sel’s about to gift him with a sweet new ride!” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Abel gets very excited when he talks to Selena about muscle cars and she knows it would blow his mind if she got him a new Bugatti or Aston Martin.”

Right. So, what happens when The Weeknd’s birthday passes and it’s evident Gomez never gave him such a gift? Well, HollywoodLies built an “out” into its article, an excuse to fall back on, by having its dubious “source” go on to express doubts, saying, “She doesn’t know if purchasing a car is doing too much given the new relationship. [Although Selena’s] really into The Weeknd and wants to make him happy, she doesn’t want to scare him with such a demonstrative gift.”

“Not to mention,” adds the webloid, “she also doesn’t want to take any flack from her squad either, if she were to gift him with something as lavish as a pricey sports car.” Still, the bad blog ultimately contends, “We have a feeling she may opt for the car, because we learned that Abel ‘loves his cars and would no doubt love to add to his already sick collection.'”

Gossip Cop, however, investigated, and we’ve learned that Gomez has no plans to get The Weeknd a car. In fact, one contact we spoke with called it “amazing” that HollywoodLies keeps coming up with new angles related to their relationship when it’s already been proven the outlet doesn’t have authentic sources on Gomez’s life. Our impeccable insider even joked, “I’m sure, according to them, they will get in a fight and she will return the car.”

After all, there’s little the site likes more than manufacturing fake drama. That’s why HollywoodLife flip-flopped on Gomez being pregnant just a week ago.

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