Selena Gomez Wants “Perfect Boyfriend” After Failed Justin Bieber Romance Is Made-Up Story

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Selena Gomez Perfect Boyfriend

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Selena Gomez Perfect Boyfriend

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A story about Selena Gomez wanting the “perfect boyfriend” after her “failed romance” with Justin Bieber is made-up. The claims are both obvious and contradictory. Allow Gossip Cop to explain.

According to this spin from HollywoodLife, Gomez’s relationship with Bieber “taught her everything not to do,” and now she’s “determined to find the ‘perfect bf.'” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “After breaking up with Justin for the last time, she has done a lot of thinking about what would make a perfect boyfriend and she came up with a simple list.” The list is said to include someone who is “smart, funny and obviously cute,” as well as someone who is “likely” in the entertainment industry so he understands her “busy schedule.”

A celebrity wants to date someone who can relate to her line of work, and is intelligent, funny, and good-looking? That’s not a scoop. That’s an obvious guess. The site’s untraceable snitch goes on to contend Gomez “also has a few qualities that she will not tolerate at all, total deal breakers,” and those are nothing more than rational assumptions, too. A self-centered Instagram page is said to be a “no-go,” along with someone she can’t “trust completely.” Asserts this seemingly fictional tipster, “If she can’t communicate or believe her man, or a guy who gets mysterious text messages at odd hours — that would be a total deal breaker for her.”

These amount to tips that can be found on virtually any dating website. In fact, earlier this year NBC News did a whole report on “love lists,” and how people use them to find a partner. But the ones ascribed to Gomez by the blog are so general, they read like they come from any one of the thousands of advice articles that can be found online, not a real source “close” to Gomez. There’s additional reason not to believe this tale is authentic.

The questionable insider goes on to assert that Gomez is “trying to keep an open mind about her next boyfriend,” and is “absolutely ready for love again.” Just a few days ago, this same outlet maintained Gomez did NOT want a “romance” after Bieber’s engagement, and insisted she “isn’t actively looking for a relationship right now.” That article cited anonymous source as saying, “Selena’s not looking for a boyfriend right now.” It was even said that Bieber’s engagement did “the opposite” of making her want to find a new love, as she instead planned to focus on her career and “getting to know herself.”

But now she’s supposedly “determined to find” a new boyfriend. Why are the two pieces so contradictory? What changed in less than a week? Nothing. This is just further evidence that HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, makes up its “exclusives” as it goes along. There is hardly ever a straight narrative with a clear through-line because the online publication doesn’t prioritize accuracy or consistency, and doesn’t seem to have legitimate “sources.”

Given that Gomez has called the site the “worst” in an interview with Billboard, it’s understandable those in her inner circle wouldn’t want to share private information about her with the blog. Unfortunately, because of that, the outlet keeps trying to dupe fans with phony stories like this one. Gossip Cop will keep exposing the fabrications as necessary.


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