Selena Gomez “Boobs Out” In Photo Claim False

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Selena Gomez Boobs Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Selena Gomez Boobs Photo

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Selena Gomez did NOT have her “boobs out” while posing for a photo with a fan, despite an outrageously sensational report. Gossip Cop can bust the story, which is unequivocally false.

MediaTakeOut exclaims on Thursday, “Pop Singer Selena Gomez Goes OVERBOARD WITH HER THOTNESS… Has Her Boobs Out… While Taking Pic With a FAN!!!” One would expect to click that story and find out how Gomez posed for a photo with her breasts exposed. Not so.

The accompanying article states, “Pop singer Selena Gomez has been doing THE MOST lately — but she may have gone TOO FAR. This weekend she took a fan pic, and Selena was wearing a ripped t-shirt. She also was NOT wearing a BRA underneath.”

No, it’s obvious MediaFakeOut that has “gone too far.” Gomez is pictured wearing a vintage shirt that completely covers her chest. What the bad blog refers to as rips actually look more like bleach stains. But ripped or not, at no point is the singer’s “boobs out” or remotely visible.

Even MTO’s own readers called the site out for its trickery. One commenter wrote, “Y’all made it seem like she had her chest exposed n t*ts to the wind SMH stop forcing stories!!” Another exclaimed, “So the f*ck what? This actually kind of pisses me off that I even clicked on this nonsense.”

And someone else deemed the piece the “biggest reach of all time.” Like some other disreputable webloids, MediaTakeOut is all about clickbait. And this is not just a glaring example, but also an offensive one as it deems Gomez a “thot” for no reason. See the non-“boobs out” photo below.

Selena Gomez Boobs Photo MediaTakeOut

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