Story About Selena Gomez Being “Blown Away” By Justin Bieber’s “New Integrity” Is Made-Up

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Selena Gomez Justin Bieber relationship

By Michael Lewittes |

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber relationship

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A story claiming Selena Gomez is “blown away” by Justin Bieber’s “new integrity” and how he now “keeps every promise” is simply made-up. Once again, Gossip Cop is assured no one from their camps are feeding stories to HollywoodLife, which is behind the newest tall tale. We’re told the article is yet another fabrication.

According to the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies, as a result of Bieber having “changed” and attained “newfound maturity,” Gomez now feels “secure” with their relationship. To make it seem as if it has “exclusive” information, the often (and easily) disproven site alleges it has a “source close to the couple” who says, “Selena is blown away by Justin’s new integrity.” The seemingly phony insider adds, “Since they’ve reunited, Justin now keeps every promise he makes, and is doing everything he says he is going to do.”

Pardon Gossip Cop’s skepticism, but we have caught the outlet on numerous occasions publishing complete falsehoods about Gomez and Bieber. And seriously, what “source close to the couple” is leaking stories to a site that both stars have gone out of their way to publicly denounce for manufacturing fake news about them? As we’ve noted before, Gomez once called HollywoodLife “the worst” in an interview with Billboard. And Bieber was so disgusted with HollywoodLies last year, he posted on Instagram that the blog is “untruthful and hurtful” and asked followers to “petition to shut this garbage website down.”

Other than claiming Bieber “calls when he says he is going to call” and “texts when he says he will,” HollywoodLies actually doesn’t furnish any concrete examples for how he now “keeps every promise.” Actually, as the article goes on, the outlet inadvertently tips off how far removed it actually is from having inside scoop. The site writes that “nothing is confirmed yet” about the status of Gomez and Bieber’s relationship, but they were “reportedly hanging out weeks before the demise of her relationship with The Weeknd.”

Wait, are readers supposed to believe the blog knows that Gomez is “blown away” by Bieber’s new “newfound maturity,” when it admits “nothing is confirmed” about them even reuniting? That’s funny because just two days ago the site published an article that untruthfully contended Gomez and Bieber have talked about eloping. Actually, Gossip Cop is “blown away” by how HollywoodLies repeatedly posts one seemingly fabricated story after another on a daily basis.

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