Selena Gomez did not spend her birthday on Saturday in Paris with The Weeknd, despite a slew of made-up reports that swore up and down that she would. Gossip Cop takes a look at a few of the fake news stories from HollywoodLife that repeatedly made that false assertion. As we have noted on several occasions, the site often manufactures untrue claims about Gomez.

Just one month ago, HollywoodLies, as it's often called, published yet another completely fabricated tale with the headline, "The Weeknd's Romantic Paris Plans For Selena Gomez's Birthday Revealed." In that work of fiction, the serial fibbers at that site maintained, "The Weeknd plans on taking girlfriend Selena Gomez to Paris for her special day." It even disingenuously boasted to have "exclusive details," quoting one of its seemingly phony sources as saying, "[The Weeknd's] going to fly her out to France, wine her and dine her, then spend a few super romantic days together."

Just six days ago, HollywoodLies posted another bogus story about how The Weeknd was performing in Paris on Gomez's birthday, and how she was going to join him in the City of Light, where he was set to "reference her birthday on stage." "A trip to Paris is amazing enough but we have a feeling that's only the beginning," added the site, which appears to do nothing more than take guesses.

And only four days ago, in yet another fabricated article about how Gomez "frets" turning 25, the blog again contended, "Selena's beau wants her to join him in Paris for her big birthday, so maybe that trip will calm her nerves." But it was all lies, as many stories about Gomez are from that often discredited site. As Gossip Cop has noted in the past, Gomez called HollywoodLife "the worst" in a major interview because of its persistent fake news stories about her.

In the real world, however, Gomez did not go to Paris. And contrary to HollywoodLies' phony claim about her being upset about turning 25, Gomez posted a photo of herself on Instagram on Saturday in front of a birthday cake, along with the caption, "I couldn't be more blessed... think 25 is going to be epic." Actually, the only thing perhaps more epic is how wrong that website repeatedly is about Gomez.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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