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Was Selena Gomez betrayed by The Weeknd? That's the claim in one of this week's tabloids. Gossip Cop investigated the report, and we can now reveal what we've learned.

In a nod to the title of Gomez's recent single, Star writes in its current issue, "Guess Selena Gomez's boyfriend is a Bad Liar too." The tabloid claims it "learned that The Weeknd invited Irish Instagram model Ava Van Rose back to his hotel the night before his performance at the Longitude Festival in Dublin on July 15." A so-called "spy on the scene" is quoted as saying, "She was brought right up to Abel's penthouse suite."

The gossip magazine's supposed source goes on to claim he was "blown away" by Van Rose's body, and asserts the dalliance is how she and pals wound up with backstage passes to the concert, which she flaunted on Instagram. The outlet then refers to its previously debunked claim about Gomez spying on The Weeknd at Coachella by hiring a "groupie guard" to secretly follow him.

Now a purported "source" contends to the publication, "She hoped Abel would prove her wrong. If Selena finds out about this [hookup with Van Rose], there's no telling what she might do!" That dramatic line is linked to the fact that Gomez has "been in and out of rehab for anxiety and depression." In other words, Star seems to be suggesting Gomez might do something harmful or dangerous.

That is a particularly shameless move, given that this tale is largely nonsense. This rumor about The Weeknd and Van Rose was first published by the dubious Irish Sun a few weeks ago, and was solely based on a source close to the model, who has such meager Instagram fame, she has her page linked to an Amazon "wish list" for people to buy her gifts. It was not confirmed by any reputable U.S. publications. In fact, one of the few state-side sites to run the allegations was RadarOnline. And now here's the tale in its sister outlet, Star. That's not suspicious at all.

What's also notable is the tabloid ran the unsupported contentions long after they first surfaced. Yet the aforementioned "source" said Gomez doesn't know about the claims, even though they've been floating around the Internet for weeks. Not only is that far-fetched, but it seems to actually just be an excuse for why she and The Weeknd are still together. If he really betrayed Gomez as alleged, surely Gomez would know by now and wouldn't have continued the relationship.

But the couple is still going strong, particularly after recently celebrating her birthday together. Gossip Cop is told that Gomez has no use for unsubstantiated rumors, which what this report is based on. It seems like the only ones who were betrayed was the magazine's readers.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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