Selena Gomez Did NOT Tell Bella Hadid To “Dump” The Weeknd, Despite Report

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Selena Gomez Bella Hadid Dump The Weeknd

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Selena Gomez Bella Hadid Dump The Weeknd

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Selena Gomez did not tell Bella Hadid to “dump” The Weeknd, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can bust the untrue story. Amid speculation Hadid and The Weeknd are back together, we’ve learned Gomez is not interfering one way or another.

As has been widely reported, Hadid and The Weeknd dated for around two years before breaking up in 2016. By early 2017, he and Gomez were a couple, before they called it quits last fall. Earlier this month, Hadid and The Weeknd sparked reconciliation rumors after they were seen kissing in France.

Now RadarOnline is blaring in a headline on Thursday, “Selena Wants Bella To Dump The Weeknd: You’re Being Used!” According to the site, Gomez wants Hadid to “stay far away” from their mutual love interest, and “reached out” to “warn” the model that The Weeknd is “shady” and trying to “play them against each other.” The pop star is described as feeling “disgusted” by her ex’s alleged behavior.

“He says he wants her back, calling her up at all hours, and then she hears he’s kissing Bella 6,000 miles away in Cannes,” a source seemingly claims to the blog. Oddly, the website’s story features quotes, but no attribution for any of the statements. They are literally just sentences that appear in quotation marks without any credit or context (See screengrab below).

In any case, the outlet goes on to contend that Gomez is a believer in the “girl code,” and is “eager to keep her pal from getting hurt.” Those claims are bit strange, considering Gomez herself was accused of backstabbing Hadid and breaking the “girl code” by hooking up with The Weeknd in the first place. That led some publications to clarify that from Gomez and Hadid weren’t close friends, at least according to the singer’s perspective, so there was no wrongdoing. It doesn’t make much sense then to claim Gomez is suddenly concerned about her “pal” getting “hurt.”

Still, in another unattributed quote, it’s alleged Gomez thinks The Weeknd is trying “to use Bella, so she’s told her point blank what he’s up to.” Unsurprisingly, the site doesn’t provide any evidence that the Canadian performer is currently courting both women. Though The Weeknd recently suggested he scrapped an album Gomez had inspired, the former couple haven’t been seen together since their breakup more than six months ago. In contrast, as noted above, he and Hadid were spotted being quite affectionate only weeks ago.

Whether they officially get back together remains to be seen, but Gossip Cop is assured that Gomez isn’t advising Hadid on whether to take The Weeknd back. And given that it was already established last year that they aren’t that friendly, it doesn’t seem plausible that the songstress would suddenly be reaching out and meddling. Furthermore, as opposed to spending her time fretting about someone else’s love life, “Entertainment Tonight” recently reported that a “happy, healthy” Gomez’s “focus right now is herself, 100 percent.” A rep for Gomez also tells Gossip Cop the claims here are “nonsense.”

Lastly, Gossip Cop must also note that it’s been a full year since RadarOnline outrageously claimed Gomez planned to “trap” The Weeknd by getting pregnant with his baby. Perhaps needless to say, but no pregnancy ever happened. We bring this up to illustrate just how off-base the blog has been when it comes to reporting on these stars. Their stories, especially ones that lack proof and have suspicious sourcing like this one, should not be believed.



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