Selena Gomez Begging Mom On Instagram To “Make Peace” After Justin Bieber Issue Is Made-Up

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Selena Gomez Begging Mom Instagram Justin Bieber

By Holly Nicol |

Selena Gomez Begging Mom Instagram Justin Bieber

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A new report claiming Selena Gomez is “begging” her mom on Instagram to “make peace” after their argument over Justin Bieber is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can correct this fabrication, which comes from a website known for its manufactured stories about Gomez and Bieber.

As widely reported, on Saturday Gomez shared a photo on Instagram of herself sitting on a step outside her childhood home in Texas. That same day, the star changed her profile picture on Instagram to an old picture of her mom, Mandy Teefey. That’s the real news. But according to HollywoodLife, by “taking a trip down memory lane” with the uploaded images, Gomez is “extending [an] olive branch out to her mother” since “the two haven’t been that close since Selena reunited with Bieber.” Without a single source to support its assertion, the unreliable outlet maintains Gomez is using social media to “salvage her relationship” with Teefey.

And that’s the extent of the site’s report. To reiterate, the webloid is ridiculously claiming that Gomez is “begging” her mom Teefey to “make peace” after their argument over Justin Bieber by sharing an old childhood photo on Instagram. But it’s actually impossible for HollywoodLies’ tale to even make sense since, as widely reported, Gomez and Teefey don’t even follow each other on Instagram.

How can someone send a message to a person who’s completely unaware of it? Gomez posting a supposed “olive branch” to her mom on Instagram, when he mother doesn’t follow her, is like mailing an apology letter to someone’s old address after they’ve moved. HollywoodLies didn’t think of that when it made up its latest fake news story.

Still, Gossip Cop investigated and found out that Gomez and Teefey are indeed trying to work out their issues, but they’re doing it privately, not on social media. In fact, a source close to Gomez assure us on background the website’s story is entirely “untrue.” Sadly, we’re not remotely surprised by HollywoodLife’s latest phony (and illogical) article. And, of course, we have a bit of insight since Teefey exclusively laid bare a number of issues in an exchange with Gossip Cop.

Additionally, Gossip Cop recently corrected the often discredited website when it manufactured a slew of made-up stories about Bieber joining Gomez in Texas for Thanksgiving and making plans to spend Christmas with her, as well. As we rightfully reported, Bieber was not welcome at those family gatherings. Much like those tall tales, the current claim about Gomez “begging” her mom on Instagram to make peace is also fan-fiction.

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