Selena Gomez NOT Having A Baby Or Adopting, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Selena Gomez Baby Adopting

By Shari Weiss |

Selena Gomez Baby Adopting


Hey, remember last fall when Selena Gomez said, “HollywoodLife is never true. Ever.”? Well, that’s still the case in the New Year. On Thursday, one week into 2015, the shameful webloid had the audacity to post this “exclusive”: “Selena Gomez’s Plan To Have A Baby On Her Own.” HA! As if HollywoodLife would actually know anything about Gomez’s baby plans!

HollywoodLife writes that Gomez has “major life changing plans for 2015,” and is “looking to start her family.” The outlet quotes a “source” as claiming the star is considering “adopting a baby on her own instead of waiting for the right guy.” And because the site is a big believer in fan fiction, HollywoodLife even adds, “Sorry Justin Bieber!”

“She thought she’d be married to Justin by now with a baby on the way but that hasn’t happened, life isn’t working out the way she planned,” says the webloid’s “source.” “That hasn’t stopped her from wanting to have kids and she doesn’t want to wait too long.” The supposed insider further claims, “She wants to be a young mom and I guess she’s a little jaded after Justin because she’s sort of given up on true love. Now she’s talking about just doing it on her own.”

HollywoodLife notes that Gomez is “ready to take the new year by storm,” “ready to really take her life to the next level,” and is “definitely ready to take this very big step in her life.” Notice a pattern? The webloid just babbles on and on, spewing whatever fantastical nonsense it wants without any regard for the truth.

And to be clear, there is absolutely NO TRUTH to HollywoodLife’s baby and adoption allegations. In fact, a rock-solid Gomez insider actually laughed out loud when informed of the story. More seriously, a rep for Gomez assures Gossip Cop the claims are 100 percent untrue. That’s HollywoodLife. Never true about Gomez. Ever.


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