Selena Gomez Did NOT Feel “Awkward” About Justin Bieber Impersonation In ‘SNL’ Monologue, Despite Report

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Selena Gomez Awkward Justin Bieber SNL Impersonation

By Michael Lewittes |

Selena Gomez Awkward Justin Bieber SNL Impersonation

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Selena Gomez did not feel “awkward” about Kate McKinnon impersonating “Justin Bieber” during Ronda Rousey’s “SNL” monologue, despite a wholly, yet predictably manufactured report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the claim. We’re told it’s “stupid” and “typical BS.”

According to the serial fabricators at HollywoodLife, Gomez’s first appearance on “Saturday Night Live” should have been “momentous,” but instead it was marred because she was “forced” to be in the opening monologue while McKinnon did her impression of Bieber for a cheap laugh. The webloid says Gomez “felt really awkward during the skit.” And to back up its bogus claim, the site quotes one of its either ill-informed or totallly fictious sources as self-servingly saying, “Selena Gomez felt uncomfortable because she is always connected to Justin Bieber… She pretended to be happy when she saw that Kate McKinnon was going to play Justin in the same monologue, but she secretly felt awkward.”

The same fake “source,” who unnaturally said everyone’s full names in the previous quote, further tells the often unreliable webloid that Gomez “roughed it out” in the monologue because she didn’t want to seem like “a difficult person or diva.” Of course, the whole story is made-up. If the staff at HollywoodLies knew anything about “Saturday Night Live,” they would have been aware that Gomez was fully apprised by Wednesday of last week about the direction of the monologue, and if she felt “awkward” or “uncomfortable,” the bit with “Bieber” would have been cut.

But the truth, which seems to elude the webloid, is that Gomez didn’t care about the Bieber gag, which was designed to show how he’s an easy target for jokes. Gossip Cop is exclusively told by a production insider, “It didn’t bother her.” Our impeccable source adds that any claim otherwise by HollywoodLies is “stupid” and “typical BS” for that site.

The webloid has a rather ignominious history when it comes to making up stories about Gomez. In additon to the dozens upon dozens of provably wrong reports Gossip Cop has busted by the blog, including claiming three months ago that she was “quitting music,” Gomez herself has called out the outlet. In 2014, the star told her fans, “Hollywood life is never true. Ever.” And last year, she said in an interview, “HollywoodLife is the worst.”

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Selena Gomez felt awkward about Kate McKinnon impersonating Justin Bieber.


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