Selena Gomez Keeping ‘Romance With Justin Bieber Private’ Before AMAs Is Made-Up Story

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Selena Gomez AMAs Justin Bieber

By Michael Lewittes |

Selena Gomez AMAs Justin Bieber

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A new story about Selena Gomez wanting to keep her “romance with Justin Bieber private” before the AMAs is not only made-up, but it also completely contradicts a previously manufactured report by the same outlet just 24 hours ago. Yesterday, HollywoodLife maintained the couple was going to make their “red carpet debut” at Sunday’s American Music Awards. But today, the serial fabricators at the site have totally flip-flopped.

HollywoodLies, as it’s deservedly nicknamed, today claims the “Wolves” singer is going to the American Music Awards “solo,” even though it yesterday asserted Gomez and Bieber would make their red carpet debut at the AMAs. The site then fills its space with quotations that it contends came for a “source close” to Gomez. But that’s nearly impossible to believe because, as widely reported, Gomez thinks HollywoodLife is “the worst.” Why would anyone close to Gomez share personal information about her with an outlet she so reviles?

Additionally, the quotes from HollywoodLies’ seemingly made-up “source” offer no inside information whatsoever. For example, the blog’s supposed “source” says Gomez is “focused on her performance” at the AMAs, and is experiencing some “nerves” before her first big appearance since canceling her tour and undergoing a kidney transplant. Wow, that’s some real scoop, said no one.

But in case you weren’t sure about the website’s reporting, which Bieber called “untruthful” on Instagram, right at the end of its article the blog throw in that Gomez “may decide, at the last minute, to have Biebs tag along to the AMAs.” To recap: Yesterday, the outlet said they were making their “red carpet debut” at the AMAs on Sunday. Today, it contradicts itself and claims Gomez wants to keep her “romance with Justin Bieber private,” and so she’s attending the American Music Award “solo.” But then right at the end of that same story, HollywoodLies floats that Bieber may “tag along to the AMAs.”

The reality is the outlet has no clue about Bieber and Gomez, who’ve both publicly expressed their disgust for HollywoodLies. With the AMAs starting in just a few hours, the site is simply throwing everything against the wall, hoping something will stick. Gossip Cop is told the latest story is nothing more than a fabrication. Sadly, following Gomez’s performance at the AMAs, we suspect the blog will manufacture a slew of other made-up articles, including what Bieber thought of Gomez onstage and why she sang her heart out just for him.

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