Sean Lowe Defends Catherine Giudici Pregnant April Fools’ Day Prank After Backlash — See Controversial Photos

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Sean Lowe Catherine Giuidice April Fools Prank

By Shari Weiss |

Sean Lowe Catherine Giuidice April Fools Prank

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Sean Lowe is defending Catherine Giudici in the wake of a backlash his wife received for an April Fools’ Day joke in which she falsely claimed she was pregnant. See photos below.

On Wednesday, Giudici posted an Instagram photo of herself with her stomach protruding and wrote in the caption, “17 weeks :).” Some people thought the former “Bachelor” contestant was really pregnant, while others seemed to know it was a prank. But many thought Giudici was being insensitive to those who would actually like to be pregnant but aren’t able due to fertility issues. She acknowledged the outcry when clearing the air in a second post that showed a cartoon woman pregnant with a burger in her belly.

“I LOVE BURGERS! I LOVE PRANKS! I LOVE LIFE!” she wrote. Giudici then added, “About my earlier post, it was intended to be lighthearted and fun and certainly not insensitive. My heart goes out to all the women struggling with fertility.” But the outrage continued to grow, leading Lowe to post a blog on Thursday explaining their take on the situation.

The former “Bachelor” wrote that both he and Giudici thought the idea was “funny,” and that it was actually generated from comments she receives on Instagram regularly telling her “she looks pregnant.” “We understand that many of these people have no ill intent and are genuinely just hoping that we’re pregnant because they want to see us start our family, and we totally get that,” writes Lowe. “But at the same time, it would be really tough for any woman to hear that ‘she looks pregnant’ on a daily basis when she’s not.”

“So that was the genesis of yesterday’s post, it was playing off of the bombardment of pregnancy comments she reads every day and messing with those who post them,” says the one-time “Dancing with the Stars” contestant. Lowe writes that after the first post, “Catherine received literally hundreds if not thousands of comments saying she was being insensitive and disrespectful to those who are struggling with fertility. That’s summing it up in the nicest way possible. There were a few who got really nasty and called her things that aren’t worth mentioning.”

Lowe continues, “Here’s the thing: I understand there are a lot of people hurting out there who are struggling with fertility and they are left with feelings of worry, frustration, and anger. I get that. But my wife’s Instagram is not the place to voice those feelings.” The reality star goes on, “The ironic part is that Catherine has a huge heart for women who are struggling with fertility… If you know anything about Catherine or have followed her for any length of time, then you know that she is one of the most caring, compassionate people you will ever meet. If you are one of those who are struggling with fertility, I promise Catherine’s heart breaks for you.”

He concludes, “Now can we please all just appreciate Instagram for what it really is… a place to post pictures of dogs in costume and shirtless selfies?” Check out the photos below, and tell us what you think of Giudici’s prank and Lowe’s comments.

Catherine Giuidici Pregnant April Fools


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