Truth About Seal Wanting To Date Charlize Theron

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Charlize Theron Seal Romance

By Andrew Shuster |

Charlize Theron Seal Romance

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Seal is not pursuing a romance with Charlize Theron, despite inaccurate reports making the rounds. A few publications are claiming the singer wants to date the actress. Gossip Cop can help clear up the situation.

Last week, the Daily Mail reported that Seal is “interested in dating” Theron after they supposedly crossed paths while both staying at the Whitby Hotel in New York City. NW took the premise even further, saying the singer and the actress “really hit it off when they met and there was instant chemistry between them.” A supposed source tells the magazine, “Charlize is exactly Seal’s type. He finds her totally beautiful and loves that she’s a strong and powerful woman. He’s seen a lot of her movies and thinks she’s incredibly talented.”

The alleged insider goes on to say it’s “up to [Theron] whether she wants to see where this goes with Seal, but it seems like she was quite taken by him.” The questionable tipster adds, “It’s still early days, but these two make a good match. It looks like this could have the potential to go the distance!”

However, Seal himself shot down the romance rumors when they were brought up by a photographer at LAX on Monday. In fact, the musician didn’t even seem to be aware of the rumors. After a photographer showed Seal the headline in the Daily Mail, he responded, “Charlize Theron?” The paparazzo explained, “Yeah, they’re trying to put you guys together,” to which Seal stated, “Oh, no.” The singer went on to note he doesn’t read anything that’s written about him in the media, before stressing once again, “No, there’s nothing to that. That Charlize Theron thing.”

It should be noted, when false rumors about Theron dating Brad Pitt made the rounds earlier this year, NW jumped on the bandwagon with a slew of phony articles. For example, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for falsely claiming Angelina Jolie warned Theron to stay away from Pitt and their six kids. Shortly after that, the magazine made up a story about Jolie having a breakdown over Theron allegedly dating her estranged husband.

Following that nonsense, we called out the tabloid for wrongly reporting that Jolie was pursuing Theron’s ex-boyfriend Sean Penn to get “revenge” on her. The ongoing storyline was a fabrication, and Theron herself said last month that she’s been single for years. Gossip Cop has reached out to reps for both Seal and Theron, but the singer’s own words make it clear there’s no romance developing between the two and he isn’t attempting to make that happen.


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