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Did Scott Disick warn Sofia Richie to stop telling people “secrets” about their relationship? One tabloid reported that was the case several weeks ago. Gossip Cop looked into the claims and came to a different conclusion.

“Reality slacker” Scott Disick was supposedly “livid” with his ex-girlfriend Sofia Richie over allegations she was “sharing the secrets” of their relationship, according to the National Enquirer. So-called exclusive “sources” informed the outlet that the two’s relationship since their break up in May had been “frosty” to begin with, and these latest allegations weren’t helping things at all

The “insider” snitched that while Richie “promised she won’t do a tell-all, per se,” the model was still “spilling her guts to anyone” who’d listened about “how tough it was to date Scott!” Disick apparently saw red over his ex violating both his trust and his privacy. “Now he’s warned her that he’ll reveal HER secrets — warts and all — if she doesn’t stop!” the source proclaimed.

The shameless publication then used its own faulty past reporting to support its claim that Richie’s older sister, Nicole Richie, had “warned her to steer clear” of Disick. Now the tabloid’s “insiders” would have readers believe that “Sofia is telling everyone Nicole was right!” Disick allegedly wasn’t about to take this lying down. “He’s gotten wind of this and is furious, saying it’s a betrayal of his trust and he’d never do the same to her!” the source concluded.

Not one bit of this story makes sense. Who exactly was Sofia Richie talking to about her relationship with Scott Disick? The outlet and it’s sources keep it vague, claiming Richie was telling “anyone” and “everyone.” And just what were these supposed relationship “secrets” Richie was allegedly spilling? Besides, are we expected to believe that Disick would forbid his ex from saying anything to anyone about their relationship?

There’s also the great flip flop from the so-called “insider.” How can Disick vow to spill the beans on Richie’s supposed secrets, “warts and all,” in one breath while proclaiming that he’d never do the same to her in the next? It seems to us that this dubious source was merely concocting drama for the sake of drama.

There have also been multiple reports from much more reputable sources than the Enquirer that Disick and Richie are working towards a reconciliation. Yet another tabloid prediction went wrong, it’s almost like it’s not even trying to be right.

Tabloids adore a love triangle, especially when two of the key members are Scott Disick and Sofia Richie. The two are often paired together with other members of the Kardashian/Jenner family for the most scandalous, yet ultimately false, stories which tabloids can’t get enough of. Shortly after Richie and Scott split up, Life & Style claimed Scott broke up with his model girlfriend to date Kylie Jenner. That was obviously bogus, Gossip Cop determined. Before that, NW insisted that Disick had “knocked up” Kourtney Kardashian behind Richie’s back. Another bogus story.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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