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Scott Disick worries Reign isn't his son, according to a completely false and recycled tabloid narrative. Two-year-old rumors about the boy's paternity are shamefully resurfacing just days before he turns 3. Gossip Cop can once again set the record straight.

In Touch is rehashing this unsubstantiated conspiracy theory because Disick is supposedly "rarely seen out with his youngest child." The gossip magazine quotes a so-called "insider" as saying, "This sounds horrible to say, but Scott is closest to Mason and then Penelope." Actually, it's not horrible at all, as many parents have stronger bonds with some of their children than others. And while this purported tipster questions why the dad of three doesn't have the same "bond" with Reign "as the one he had with Mason when he was that young," it actually makes a lot of sense considering Disick lived with Mason full-time when he was a toddler but lives apart from Reign, having split from Kourtney Kardashian in 2015. With Disick only able to parent his child part of the time, of course the relationship is going to be different.

But the outlet insists there's actually "bombshell insight" into their supposedly lackluster relationship, and it has to do with Reign's paternity. A supposed "source" claims to the publication, "Reign was conceived when Kourtney and Scott were going through a rough patch. At the time, Scott didn't question whether he was the father, but that soon changed." This alleged snitch contends, "It didn't take long for Scott to start having doubts as to whether Reign is actually his child." It's alleged Disick has had "growing paranoia" over whether the little boy looks like him, and that he "eventually questioned Kourtney about Reign's parentage," though it's not said when specifically this supposedly happened.

"She outright denied [that Reign could be someone else's]," the tabloid's specious source claims, but when Disick "brought up doing a DNA test" during the "heated bust-up," Kardashian "said no, which has only heightened his suspicions." The aforementioned "insider" supposedly adds, "That eats at him every time he thinks about it." Well, Gossip Cop is sure it doesn't help that the tabloids have been running nearly identical versions of this story for years.

Every time, such as when Star claimed this past June that Disick was questioning if Reign is his son, the gossip media contends the reality star is panicked amid supposed speculation that Kardashian could have cheated during one of their "rough patches." And each time, the magazines have absolutely no evidence besides making judgments on Reign's looks and making assumptions about why Disick isn't often seen with the kid, all while ignoring the fact that his time with all of the children is limited. And this In Touch story also significantly ignores that only days ago, Disick posted a video on Instagram of himself cuddling with Reign.

That's not the only thing left out of this article. The outlet is also forgetting that it claimed last year Disick and Kardashian were having a fourth child. Of course that wasn't true, just as Gossip Cop correctly reported at the time. The publication got that wrong and is now regurgitating an old unsupported rumor because it apparently doesn't have real "sources" and "insiders" as it claims. And, lastly, if there was any merit to this paternity issue, those genuinely in-the-know wouldn't be talking about it with In Touch, whom Gossip Cop is told is "disgusting" for running this article in the first place.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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