Truth About Scott Disick, Sofia Richie Splitting

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Scott Disick Sofia Richie split up truth

By Griffin Matis |

Scott Disick Sofia Richie split up truth

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Scott Disick and Sofia Richie haven’t split, despite many tabloid stories claiming otherwise. Gossip Cop has busted several of these false breakup reports. Here are a few of the most recent rumors about the couple’s relationship.

Last December, OK! falsely claimed Disick was in a “secret romance” with Khloe Kardashian behind Richie’s back. As proof, the publication pointed to photos of the two having lunch together and kissing each other on the cheek as they were saying goodbye. In reality, Disick and Khloe are just good friends. She’s also the aunt of his three kids with Kourtney Kardashian. There was no affair between the two that resulted in Disick and Richie ending their romance.

In April, OK! wrongly reported that Disick and Richie were being torn apart by Kourtney. The story came after Disick’s ex invited him and Richie to visit Finland with her and their kids. According to the magazine, Richie was left feeling “like a third wheel” and it culminated in her “lashing out” at her boyfriend.

Gossip Cop checked with a source in Richie’s camp, who denied the story. The three all seemed to enjoy the trip, which makes sense considering it wasn’t Richie’s first time vacationing with Disick and his ex. Plus, Kourtney has reiterated the fact that she and Disick are content being friendly for their kids, but they aren’t reuniting. Photos of Disick and Richie taking their own trip soon after the one to Finland, as well as photos of the model hanging out with Kourtney alone, proved our point as well.

Shortly later, the same tabloid alleged Disick and Richie were headed for a split over the model’s desire to have kids. The tabloid claimed the couple’s relationship was “hanging by a thread” because the reality star was refusing to have any more children. The outlet’s anonymous source retreated to a familiar claim that Gossip Cop hears about almost every celebrity couple: “The spark is gone.”

We reached out to a contact close to the situation, who told us the publication’s article was flat-out wrong. We also pointed out the fact that it didn’t make sense for Richie to travel to Finland with her boyfriend, his ex and their kids if her relationship was truly “hanging by a thread.”

Just last week, OK! came up with the rumor that Disick and Richie were growing apart over their 15-year age difference. The story alleged that the two were noticeably distant during Richie’s 21st birthday at a Las Vegas nightclub. Although Disick gifted his girlfriend with an Aston Martin on her birthday, the tabloid’s “source” claimed she was disappointed with gift since he still acted “like an old man” and the present didn’t “replace the attention she craves from him.”

An individual in Disick’s camp dismissed the story. Meanwhile, OK!’s sister publication, Star, ran a piece that same week about Disick proposing to Richie on her birthday. That didn’t happen either, meaning the two outlets were just trying to cover their bases by guessing what might happen in the couple’s relationship.

Disick and Richie are still together, but should they split at some point in the future, the tabloids will likely try to act as if they were correct all along. Gossip Cop, on the other hand, relies on facts and legitimate sources. The reality star and the model are still a couple, despite these various breakup stories that haven’t panned out.


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