Story About Scott Disick Thinking Sofia Richie’s A “Better Fit” Than Kourtney Kardashian Is Made-Up

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Scott Disick Sofia Richie Kourtney Kardashian Relationship

By Michael Lewittes |

Scott Disick Sofia Richie Kourtney Kardashian Relationship

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A new story that claims Scott Disick thinks Sofia Richie is a “better fit for him” than Kourtney Kardashian is completely made-up. In fact, the fabricated relationship report comes from the same website that just two months ago falsely maintained Disick and Richie had split up because he wasn’t over Kardashian. Gossip Cop can bust this phony article.

According to HollywoodLife, the 15-year-age gap between Richie and Disick may having everyone, including Kris Jenner, “raising eyebrows,” but it’s precisely the decade and a half differential that’s “why the relationship works for them.” A so-called “friend of Scott’s” is quoted as saying, “Sofia doesn’t try to control Scott,” adding that she’s “laid back people” and “basically Kourtney’s total opposite.” The same seemingly manufactured “source” supposedly adds that Richie “doesn’t put many adult demands on Scott.” “Now that there are no rules,” continues the almost assuredly fake insider, Disick “feels like he doesn’t need to rebel.”

Allow Gossip Cop to explain what is going on here. On Friday, E! released a clip in advance of Sunday’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” during which Jenner questioned Disick about Richie and her age. HollywoodLies, as it’s commonly known, used that theme to manufacture its latest tale. But it’s all fabricated. Gossip Cop is assured by a Disick confidante on background that no one in Disick’s camp is sharing his inner thoughts about Richie versus Kardashian with any outlets.

Still, let’s also examine the website’s highly suspect quotations. After its questionable tipster contends Richie is “basically Kourtney’s total opposite,” the alleged “source” continues on about how Richie “doesn’t put many adult demands on Scott.” But, of course, that’s nonsense because as opposed to Disick’s carefree romance with Richie, his relationship with Kardashian is entirely about the “adult demands” that come with him being the father of their three young children. Additionally, the source’s purported comment about how he “feels like he doesn’t need to rebel” is also absurd because Disick has publicly acknowledged how his prior bad behavior caused him to lose his life with Kardashian and their kids.

For instance, in April 2016, Disick, who’s philandering and drinking are well-documented, said on the show, “I Am Cait,” “I’ve made a lot decision that weren’t great… that have hurt me a ton.” Hoping to be given a second chance after his split with Kardashian, Disick added, “All I can do is just stay on the right path and if things fall into place and they’re meant to be.”

Frankly, HollywoodLife has a history of publishing untrue and contradictory stories about Disick. Just two months ago the website reported that he dumped Richie “because he still has feelings for Kourtney.” The blog wrote, “Scott realized, you know, that he was dating a teenager and they don’t exactly have a lot in common.” “Scott’s made it clear over the years that Kourtney’s his #1,” continued the unreliable outlet. (See the screenshot below.)

Of course, HollywoodLies was wrong. Disick and Richie did not break up. Equally significant, the repeatedly discredited outlet previously asserted that Disick and Richie “don’t exactly have a lot in common” because she’s “a teenager,” yet now maintains they’re a “better fit” than what he had with Kardashian, who the site contended was his “#1”? Clearly, the blog doesn’t really have a “source close” to Disick feeding it information. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be publishing so many provably false articles about him, Richie, and Kardashian.

Scott Disick Sofia Richie Kourtney Kardashian