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A new article claiming Scott Disick will gladly "ghost" Sofia Richie if Kourtney Kardashian splits from Younes Bendjima is entirely made-up. The story, based on Kardashian briefly deleting her Instagram, completely contradicts a slew of other fake news that was previously manufactured by HollywoodLife. In the past, the fiction factory has posted reports about how Disick believes Richie is the "perfect" woman for him and a "better fit" than Kardashian ever was. So, what's going on now?

In its latest concocted tale, the rightly nicknamed HollywoodLies maintains that in the wake of Kardashian recently deleting her Instagram account briefly, Disick is praying she's now single so that they can once again be a couple. One of the blog's seemingly fabricated sources claims Disick hopes "Kourtney unfollowing Younes on social media is the beginning of the end" for them because he has "never stopped loving" the mother of his three children. The site, which clearly has no inside information, quotes its make-believe insider as saying, "If it turns out Kourtney is single again... Scott will ghost Sofia and start spending more time at home with Kourt and the kids."

This is all very interesting because less than a month ago, the serial fibbers at HollywoodLies posted a story about how Disick thinks Richie's a "better fit for him" than Kardashian ever was. In that equally fabricated tale, the often discredited website insisted Disick was happier with Richie than he was with Kardashian because his new girlfriend is "laid-back" and "doesn't try to control" him the way his ex did. And a couple of months before that, the outlet published another made-up story titled, "Scott Disick Feels Sofia Richie Is 'The Perfect' Woman For Him." (See screenshots below.)

Basically, as Gossip Cop has noted before, it seems HollywoodLies posts whatever they think could or might possibly be going on with certain celebrities at any given time. But that's not journalism. That's guesswork, at best, and creative writing, at worst.

With the backdrop of Kardashian and Bendjima temporarily unfollowing each other on Instagram, the untrustworthy blog began spinning its wheels until it came up with its fictitious angle involving Disick and Richie. But based on its provably bad track record, the website's supposed sources are either 100 percent fake or truly know nothing. And the quotations the outlet attributed to its conveniently unnamed and untraceable tipster are most assuredly phony. No real person calls Kardashian "Kourtney" and then a few words later refers to her as "Kourt."

While there's a chance Disick, who's 34, might split from the 19-year-old Richie, it will have nothing to do with reconciling with Kardashian. And should Kardashian be single at the same time her ex is unattached, Gossip Cop is told by a family insider that, though it would be easier to have the family reunited under one roof, it's "highly doubtful" she'd take him back "after all the [expletive] he's put her through." Regardless, this new claim about Disick being ready to "ghost" Richie for Kardashian, following all the articles about how the teen's a "better fit" for him than Kardashian, is nothing more than fake news from HollywoodLife.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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