Exactly one year ago, a blog falsely claimed that Scott Disick wanted to have a baby with Sofia Richie. Gossip Cop debunked the story when it first emerged. Time has proven it unequivocally false.

On October 24, 2017, RadarOnline said Disick wanted to "be a dad again" and was hoping his girlfriend would carry his fourth child. Gossip Cop, however, checked in with a reliable source close to the situation, who assured us the article was bogus. It's now one year later and the couple hasn't welcomed a baby.

Interestingly enough, Kim Kardashian revealed on an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" last month that Disick told her he wants another child, but was hoping to have one with his ex Kourtney. Kim acknowledged the fact that the two are no longer together, but noted they could have a fourth child through IVF. Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen. Still, it shows that Disick has been thinking about having more children with the mother of his three kids, not his current girlfriend.

Unfortunately, RadarOnline hasn't gotten any better at accurately reporting about the couple over the past year. In January, for example, Gossip Cop busted the blog for falsely claiming Richie's "paranoia" over Disick possibly cheating was "tearing their romance apart." Of course, the two are still very much together.

This past February, Gossip Cop debunked the outlet's story about Disick and Richie moving to Mexico. The site claimed the two planned to purchase a property in Puerto Vallarta and raise a family there. However, the reality star and model still live in Los Angeles, and they never considered leaving the country.

And in June, Gossip Cop called out the blog for wrongly reporting Disick was "devastated" over his "split" from Richie. The main issue with the site's story? The couple never broke up. In fact, Disick himself took to Instagram over the summer to deny the split rumors. It's clear the unreliable website doesn't have any insight into the couple's relationship.

There's a pattern here. Just about every time the blog comes up with a phony narrative about Disick and Richie, the passage of time eventually proves it to have been untrue. Gossip Cop, however, immediately calls out the site when it publishes nonsense. Last year's article about Disick wanting to have a baby with his girlfriend is another example of a tabloid story aging poorly.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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