Scott Disick Does NOT Believe Reign Isn’t His Son, Despite Report

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Scott Disick Reign Son

By Michael Lewittes |

Scott Disick Reign Son

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Scott Disick does NOT believe Reign isn’t his son, despite an entirely made up story by one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the report. We’re told it’s all “nonsense.”

According to the ironically titled OK!, Disick “suspects Kourtney Kardashian cheated on him months ago, and that he isn’t the father of son Reign.” A seemingly made-up “source” for the unreliable tabloid is quoted as saying, “Kourtney cheated and Reign might not be Scott’s. He flipped when he heard it, and he’s been off the rails ever since.”

The magazine then speculates that it’s the reason he gets photographed with his other kids, Penelope and Mason, but not Reign. “There’s definitely something going on,” chimes in the tabloid’s supposed “source.”

OK! then dredges up an old claim by Michael Girgenti, who alleged a few years ago that he was Mason’s real father. As Gossip Cop was first to report, that tale was similarly completely fabricated.

Despite the fact that Girgenti was proven to have lied, the tabloid has its bogus “source” state the male model’s allegations “planted a seed in Scott’s mind” about Kardashian possibly being unfaithful. The faux “source” concludes, “It’s just a really sad situation for everyone.”

Actually, what’s sad is that the tabloid thought it could get away with its latest lie. As a reminder, OK! is the same magazine Gossip Cop busted when it fabricated a story about Disick having an affair with Kendall Jenner. It’s also the same magazine Gossip Cop busted three months ago when it manufactured a story that her sister Kylie Jenner was pregnant with Disick’s baby. And it’s also the same magazine Gossip Cop busted two and a half months ago when it made up a story that Kourtney Kardashian was pregnant again with Disick’s fourth baby.

Not only does the tabloid seemingly just publish lies, but apparently it can’t even keep track of them. Regardless, Gossip Cop once again checked in with an impeccable source, who helped us debunk the previous falsehoods, and we’re told the latest claim that Disick suspects Reign is not his son is complete “nonsense.”

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Scott Disick believes Reign isn’t his son.


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