Scott Disick NOT Questioning If Reign Is His Son, Despite Report

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Scott Disic Reign Song

By Shari Weiss |

Scott Disic Reign Song

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Scott Disick is not questioning whether he’s really the dad of son Reign, despite a tabloid report. This isn’t just fake news. It’s also old news. Allow Gossip Cop to explain.

“Is Scott Really Reign’s Dad?” asks a headline in the new issue of Star, which writes, “Scott Disick has apparently been keeping his distance from his youngest son with Kourtney Kardashian, and insiders claim he’s harboring doubts about his paternity.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “I think he may have come to the wild conclusion Kourtney had a secret affair behind his back and that Reign is not his own son! That would explain why Scott is hardly ever seen with him.”

The gossip magazine alleges there’s a “window of suspicion” surrounding the time Reign was conceived, with an “insider” suggesting Kardashian may have cheated during a 2014 trip to Miami. “Nobody would have blamed Kourtney if she strayed out of pain and frustration. In Scott’s mind, her Miami jaunt could have been the opportunity for that to happen.”

“Scott must think something’s up with Reign, because it doesn’t seem like he’s really bonded with him,” the outlet’s “insider” further maintains. It appears, however, that this “source” and “insider” are guessing what Disick thinks, as opposed to actually knowing. And these contentions are suspiciously similar to an article Star’s sister publication ran back in 2015.

As Gossip Cop reported roughly a year and a half ago, OK! alleged Disick was questioning Reign’s paternity. Like now, the tabloid tried to make hay of the reality star being seen out in public with his two older kids more often than his younger. Both tales also dredged up the debunked claims about Disick not being eldest child Mason’s biological father.

In the first piece, a purported “source” flat-out claimed Kardashian “cheated” and when he found out, Disick “flipped” over the possibility Reign wasn’t his. This new story is far less definitive, but just as off-base. Star is recycling old speculation with no actual evidence for its assertions. In 2015, Gossip Cop was exclusively told the notion Disick suspected Reign wasn’t his son was nothing but “nonsense.” Now in 2017, we’re assured that’s still the case.

The magazine seems to be trying to capitalize on Disick and Kardashian’s latest estrangement. But it’s worth noting this story doesn’t jive with a report the outlet published earlier this month. Star claimed Kardashian was warning Disick to “stay away” from their kids, and was even “considering legal action.” Yet this latest article is primarily built around photos of Disick spending time with Mason and daughter Penelope. So was the outlet wrong then when it said Disick couldn’t be with his kids or wrong now when saying there’s an issue with Reign? The tabloid was wrong both times, as it turns out.

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