Scott Disick Moving Back In With Kourtney Kardashian?

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Scott Disick Kourtney Kardashian moving back together

By Holly Nicol |

Scott Disick Kourtney Kardashian moving back together

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Scott Disick is NOT moving back in with Kourtney Kardashian, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim. We’re told it’s “not true.”

According to OK!, Kardashian has given ex-boyfriend Disick a key to her Calabasas mansion, and he has wasted no time in making himself back at home. A so-called “source” tells the outlet, “Scott’s insisting he’s a changed man, and he’s making good on his word by taking care of the kids and leading a clean, healthy lifestyle.” “Kourtney’s cautiously optimistic,” claims the tabloid’s insider, adding, “She told him the house key was just for convenience, but he’s been staying over almost every night since.”

What’s more, the magazine’s “source” further contends, “This has been Kourtney’s plan all along,” and she’s been “purposely driving Scott wild ever since she threw him out last year.” “She gave her wardrobe a ‘vamp-over’ that’s had him drooling, but she’s made sure to keep him at arm’s length,” says the publication’s insider in rather odd language. “After her fling with Justin Bieber, she’s realized the grass isn’t all that green on the other side,” concludes the outlet’s supposed “source.”

While the story is plausible, it’s not accurate. A source close to Kardashian exclusively assures Gossip Cop that Disick is not moving back in now. Our impeccable insider says the magazine’s report is “not true.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have busted the outlet for publishing inaccurate stories about the pair. Earlier this year, Gossip Cop called out the tabloid for falsely alleging Disick and Kardashian were getting married. And shortly before that tall tale, we exclusively shot down the magazine for wrongly claiming Kylie Jenner was pregnant with Disick’s baby. Much like those bogus stories, this latest one about Disick moving back in with Kardashian is equally untrue.


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