Was Scott Disick Told “Stay Away” From Kids By Kourtney Kardashian?

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Scott Disick Stay Awau Kids

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Scott Disick Stay Away Kids

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One year ago today, Gossip Cop busted a tabloid for falsely claiming Scott Disick was told by Kourtney Kardashian to “stay away” from their kids. At the time, we were told that the situation was “actually the opposite,” and that the reality star was encouraging her ex to keep up a relationship with their children. Now 12 months later it’s clear our reporting was correct.

On June 11, 2017, we called out Star for untruthfully alleging Kardashian had “reached her limit” with Disick, and didn’t want him “coming near their children.” Noting his history of partying and struggles with alcohol, the magazine contended Kardashian was “considering legal action to keep their children away from Scott’s influence.” A so-called “source” even predicted, “If Kourtney followed through and involved him in a nasty court fight, with his history of addiction and falling off the wagon, she would win full custody.”

But when Gossip Cop investigated, a Kardashian confidante explained that the mom of three knew that “alienating the kids from their father would be a bigger problem down the road.” And since Disick “shows them only love,” she was completely fine with him being in their lives, and was even open to him becoming more involved. Just one month later, it became apparent our debunking was spot-on.

Last July, Disick and Kardashian went on a joint vacation with their kids to Nantucket. What’s more, though, is that the “KUWTK” star wasn’t insisting he only spend time with Mason, Penelope and Reign in her presence. That was evident this past March, when Disick went on vacation in Mexico with the kids, but without Kardashian. Even just last week Disick was seen in Malibu with all three kids.

In April, People even reported the dynamic between Kardashian and Disick has “never been better,” noting, “They get on so well and co-parent so successfully.” E! Online has also detailed how Kardashian and Disick’s “new normal” means coming together for holidays and birthdays with their kids, even though they’ve each moved on romantically. Notably, neither reputable publication has reported anything in the last year about Kardashian making Disick “stay away” from their children. And Kardashian never took “legal action.”

Gossip Cop told readers a full 365 days ago that the Star story was bogus, and plenty of evidence has amassed since then to back us up. Meanwhile, the tabloid has continued to spread phony narratives, such as a tale last fall that claimed both Kardashian and Sofia Richie wanted to have a baby with Disick. Not only did we bust that unsubstantiated report at the time, but now nearly nine months have passed with neither woman becoming pregnant. Once again, Star proved it knows very little about the stars who fill its pages.


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