Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian have been having "secret sleepovers" together? That's the rumor in one tabloid. Gossip Cop found it to be false.

Disick used to date Khloe's older sister Kourtney and the former couple co-parents their three kids. Khloe has been single since her ex Tristan Thompson cheated on her while she was pregnant with their child. Disick and Khloe are close friends and frequently appear together both in public and on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Thanks to one of those public outings, NW felt the need to say the two were "caught out" after they were photographed getting lunch together and holding hands. According to the outlet, Disick and Khloe have been getting "hot and heavy" for the past few months after Disick comforted her during the Thompson debacle. "There's always been a huge connection between them, which has certainly raised eyebrows — but now it's out of control," a so-called "family insider" tells the magazine.

"Scott sticks up for Khloe in a really passionate and intense way, and she adores him right back," the alleged source adds. "They blow up each other's phones when they're apart and are always making excuses to stay together, either to talk about 'branding' or just to hang out."

The tabloid does admit that Disick is in fact dating Sofia Richie, but it immediately dismisses that fact. "Sofia doesn't stand up for herself and lets Scott do pretty much whatever he wants," the questionable source says. "So when Khloe clicks her finger and says, 'Come over,' he's there at the drop of a hat. More than a few times they've had overnight sleepovers."

As evidence of these "hidden feelings," the tabloid points to Disick's two Instagram posts that feature Khloe — although one is from February and the other from March. The source concludes by saying that although Kris Jenner is all in favor of the two hooking up, Kourtney isn't quite as accepting. "She's a bit weirded out and thinks it'll have a strange effect on her kids if they found out," adds the seemingly phony insider.

There's so much wrong with this story that it's hard to figure out where to start. In a July interview with AOL, Khloe and Disick clarified that their hand-holding tradition started as a way to mess with paparazzi and onlookers. Their relationship is one of near-sibling love, not romantic.

Khloe also posted an incredibly loving Instagram tribute to Disick for his birthday earlier this year, referring to him as a treasured member of the Kardashian clan. "Happy birthday to my brother," she wrote, "I am so thankful to have such an incredible addition such as you to our family! We have come such a long way, you and I!"

Blatant misunderstanding of the pair's relationship aside, the rest of the tabloid's "evidence" just doesn't stack up. Disick has more than double the amount of photos of his dog than of Khloe. Does that mean he loves the dog twice as much as Khloe, or is it just fun to post pictures of loved ones and friends on social media? Plus, Disick, Khloe and Richie all attended the grand opening of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino last week, where the three looked as friendly as ever.

This isn't the first time NW's "sources" got it wrong about the KUWTK stars. In February 2018, the outlet incorrectly paired Disick with Kendall Jenner, again while he was already dating Richie. The tabloid also came up with another love triangle last month, claiming Khloe and Kourtney were fighting over Brad Pitt — a romance that isn't even addressed in this latest work of fiction. Once again, the magazine mistakes reality show antics for reality.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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