Drunk Scott Disick: “It’s A Holocaust In This Motherf*cker” (VIDEO)

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Scott Disick Holocaust Snapchat Video

By Shari Weiss |

Scott Disick Holocaust Snapchat Video


A drunk Scott Disick made an insensitive Holocaust joke on Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat on Friday. See video below.

Disick and Jenner were hanging out together at Tyga’s Santa Cruz concert for his “Rawwest Alive Tour.” The two men have become friends in recent months, and have been seen partying together several times, despite Disick’s month-long rehab stint last fall. In videos Jenner posted to Snapchat from backstage, Disick was clearly wasted.

In one clip he exclaims, “It’s a Holocaust in this motherf*cker. I’m tryin’ to go to a rap show, and they tryin’ bring me back to my pad.” A female can be heard laughing at him in the background, but it’s unclear if it was Jenner.

Disick, for the record, is Jewish, which makes his Holocaust remark all the more disturbing. The video was shared on Instagram by a Jenner fan account, leading a number of commenters to express concern for Disick. One person wrote, “Looks like he didn’t stay sober. We were all rooting for you Scott!!”

And in a lengthy message, one fan argued, “Scott will never be able to get clean as long as he makes the decsion to go out to bars and party. He needs a long term facility. Not a 30 day bullsh*t place. PUT AS MUCH WORK INTO YOUR SOBRIETY AS YOU DO MAKING MONEY. AND KYLIE STOP ENABLING him. he shouldnt be chillin with you. If I were kourtney I’d kick your Lil ass. let him go kill himself somewhere else.”

At least one person was actually amused, with the individual posting, “Hahahahaha so funny Scott. Who gives a sh*t, get pissed if u wanna.” And it seems he indeed wants to. Gossip Cop first reported two weeks ago that Disick was believed to be off the wagon again. See the Holocaust reference in the video below.

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