Scott Disick NOT Giving Selena Gomez Gifts As Revenge On Justin Bieber, Despite Report

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Scott Disick Selena Gomez gifts

By Michael Lewittes |

Scott Disick Selena Gomez gifts

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Scott Disick is not “wooing” Selena Gomez nor is he “sending her gifts” as part of a plot to get “revenge” on Justin Bieber for hooking up with Kourtney Kardashian, despite an absurd webloid story. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this latest made-up tale from a site that routinely churns out outrageous fabrications. We’re told, once again, it’s “all lies.”

According to HollywoodLife, Disick is hellbent on “revenge,” and Bieber should be poised for a “rude awakening.” To that end, alleges the untrustworthy webloid, Disick is “wooing” Gomez with all sorts of presents. One of the site’s seemingly ficititious and nontraceable sources says Disick is “rolling out the red carpet” for Gomez, and has already sent her “gold-plated poinsettias,” arranged to resemble a Christmas tree.

The unreliable site’s so-called “source” adds Disick has also asked Gomez to celebrate New Year’s with him in Las Vegas, and he’ll even send a private plane to pick her up. HollywoodLies’ phony “source” concludes in very unnatural language that Disick knows “that lady Gomez can’t resist his charm.”

Here’s what’s funny about the webloid’s story: While we don’t see any bulls in our office, we’re certainly smelling a lot of bulls**t. Now, here’s what’s factual about the webloid’s story. Nothing.

Once again, HollywoodLies has fabricated another completely untrue story about Gomez and Disick. On Wednesday, Gossip Cop caught the site lying when it claimed that Disick was angling to star in Gomez’s next music video. Sources close to both of them confirmed to Gossip Cop the report was just a collection of “lies.”

Similarly, Gossip Cop is assured by an impeccable insider that this latest tale about Disick lavishing Gomez with gold gifts and private jets in an effort to get “revenge” on Bieber is also “all lies.” Of course, Gomez herself has publicly stated that the webloid repeatedly makes up stories. She told fans on Instagram, “Hollywood life is never true. Ever,” and was recently quoted in an interview as saying, “HollywoodLife is the worst.”

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Scott Disick is wooing Selena Gomez to get revenge on Justin Bieber.


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