Scott Disick Has NOT “Dumped” Kourtney Kardashian, Despite Report

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Scott Disick Dumped Kourtney Kardashian

By Daniel Gates |

Scott Disick Dumped Kourtney Kardashian

(Life & Style)

Scott Disick has not “dumped” Kourtney Kardashian, despite a new Life & Style story claiming the dad of three has left the reality TV star just 20 days after she gave birth to their son Reign. Gossip Cop can bust this story, which mirrors countless previous reports from the same tabloid, which has spent years spreading false speculation about the couple.

The gist of the latest Life & Style story is that Kardashian allegedly gave Disick an ultimatum to stop partying “once and for all — or move out.” A so-called “insider” tells the tabloid, “Kourtney’s ultimatum did the opposite of its intent — Scott wanted out of the relationship more than ever. He’s had it with the nonstop nagging and another ultimatum was the last straw. He screamed at her, ‘I’m not living by your rules anymore!’ And that’s when he dumped her.”

No, he didn’t. No, this never happened. Year after year, Life & Style says Disick hates being a father and declares that he and Kardashian are finished. And the couple keeps adding to their family and staying together. It must be frustrating for a magazine to keep being so wrong, so often.

Two weeks ago, Life & Style falsely said Kardashian and Disick had hit “rock bottom.” Two months ago, the magazine wrongly claimed they were about to have a “double wedding” with her sister Khloe and French Montana. Two weeks before that, Disick was supposedly “in love” with Khloe, according to the tabloid. Back in September 2012, the outlet inaccurately reported that Kardashian was a “single mom headed for a breakdown.” The previous July, the publication falsely alleged that she had dumped Disick. The March before that, Life & Style said Disick had ditched Kardashian.

It never ends. Life & Style has no idea what’s going on with Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian. The magazine’s sources are clueless and worthless. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop, “That magazine is an absolute joke.”


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