Scott Disick In “Dancing With The Stars” Talks?

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Scott Disick Dancing with the Stars Talks

By Shari Weiss |

Scott Disick Dancing with the Stars Talks

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Scott Disick is reportedly in talks for “Dancing with the Stars,” though an impasse over salary negotiations is likely to prevent him from taking the dance floor.

ABC is currently casting the upcoming 22nd season of the ballroom competition, which is slated to premiere in March. Disick is said to be one of the stars in contention for a slot on the roster. But the controversial reality star is allegedly seeking a much higher pay grade than what is typically offered to contestants.

Disick has asked to be paid a whopping $500,000 to sign on to the show, according to TMZ. But the going rate is currently $125,000, a figure that everyone starts at, as Gossip Cop has reported in past years. Along the way, there’s potential for pay bumps if Disick makes it far into the competition, but even getting to the finals would put him at $345,000, which is still significantly lower than his asking price.

It’s unlikely the show will budge, as they haven’t changed their compensation plans for anyone thus far, and probably aren’t going to start now for Disick. Should they manage to come to an agreement, Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy wouldn’t be the first in the extended family to participate. Disick’s pseudo-brother-in-law Rob Kardashian actually finished second during season 13 back in 2011.

Kim Kardashian was far less successful when she lasted two weeks during 2008’s season 7. Last year, Gossip Cop correctly debunked a number of false rumors about Caitlyn Jenner joining the show. A rep for “Dancing with the Stars” declined to comment on Disick, but did confirm to Gossip Cop that no date has been set yet for the new cast announcement.


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