Scott Disick Wants To “Be A Dad Again,” Have Baby With Sofia Richie?

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Scott Disick Dad Again

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Scott Disick Dad Again

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Scott Disick wants to “be a dad again” and may have a baby with Sofia Richie. That’s the false narrative coming from a certain webloid. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the report.

RadarOnline is wrongly announcing in a headline, “Scott Disick To Be A Dad Again With Sofia Richie.” According to the accompanying article, Disick is so “serious about his new girlfriend” that “he wants her to carry his child.” The site maintains the reality star, who already has three kids with ex Kourtney Kardashian, is now “talking about having a baby” with Richie.

“Scott says he’s dead serious about Sofia, that she’s here to stay and is someone he’d like to start a family with,” a so-called “family insider” is quoted as saying. It’s unclear to which family this “insider” supposedly belongs, but the supposed source goes on to assert, “He doesn’t see why everyone’s so hung up over [their 15-year] age difference and points out that she’s way more mature than any of the Kardashian girls, Kourtney included. Scott insists age is just a number and Sofia’s his long-term girl now, so everyone had better get used to it.”

The outlet’s alleged tipster further contends, “This is the first of Scott’s conquests he’s shown any respect to, at least in terms of not cheating on her and being polite when she’s on the scene. But the idea he’s trying to get her pregnant has shocked even his close friends, and they’re used to his crazy behavior!” The only craziness here is coming from RadarOnline.

In addition to not even mentioning how Richie feels about having a baby, the online publication fails to acknowledge that it falsely alleged Kardashian was pregnant with Disick’s baby TWICE in the last year. In September 2016 and again in January 2017, the online publication was 100 percent wrong when it claimed there was another child on the way. Now readers are supposed to believe the webloid when it says he and Richie are going to have a kid? Please. The site’s well-known track record speaks for itself.

In fact, when Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the couple, our contact not only assured us that the story is “not true,” but also pointed out, “It’s Radar…” In other words, the outlet has proven it’s not to be trusted or taken seriously. And while our source spoke on a condition of anonymity, our archive has plenty of examples to back that up.

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