Story About How Scott Disick’s Children “Loved Meeting” Sofia Richie Is Made-Up

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Scott Disick Kids Sofia Richie

By Michael Lewittes |

Scott Disick Kids Sofia Richie

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A new story about how Scott Disick’s children “loved meeting” Sofia Richie is made-up. The claim comes from a site that has a track record for publishing provably untrue reports about them. Regardless, Gossip Cop is told the latest article is “ridiculous.”

According to HollywoodLife, Disick is “relieved his kids like [Richie] too.” After noting how Richie recently had a “special dinner” with Disick and Kourtney Kardashian’s three kids, the repeatedly discredited blog magically trots out a “source close to Scott,” who supposedly says, “The kids loved Sofia, she’s a natural with them.” The same seemingly fake insider is quoted telling the site, “Scott’s been dying to introduce Sofia to the kids for ages.” The outlet further writes, “Now that he knows Mason, P[enelope], and Reign are at least semi on-board with her, he’s feeling more confident in their relationship than ever.”

Gossip Cop is going to stop right here and point how the site manufactured its article and illustrate quite easily that they’re liars. HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, appears to have no real Disick insiders at all. The blog only knows that Richie had her very first dinner with Disick’s kids because they were photographed on Friday eating at Nobu Malibu. The rest of its narrative is simply concocted.

It’s almost comical how HollywoodLies’ supposed “source” relates that Disick’s children “loved Sofia” and how he’s “been dying to introduce Sofia to the kids for ages,” because the same disreputable site claimed just nine days earlier that Disick’s kids “can’t stand Sofia” and have been giving her the “cold shoulder” for some time now (below). In that article, the blog maintained that because of the tension between Richie and his kids, a lot of the times when they’re all together she’s just “ignoring them.” “Mason in particular doesn’t like her,” said a “source” in that piece.

Sofia Richie Scott Disick Kids


Of course, as Gossip Cop has often noted, time is not the friend of outlets that make up stories because the truth eventually emerges. Contrary to HollywoodLies’ story on January 17 about how Disick’s kids “can’t stand Sofia” and how “Mason in particular doesn’t like her,” the reality star’s children actually hadn’t even met Richie then. Naturally, the site makes no mention of its previous lies.

As for the new article, it’s also a complete fabrication. No one “close to Disick” is feeding that site stories. If they were, then the often disproven outlet wouldn’t have published its earlier tale about how his children “can’t stand Sofia,” well before Richie was spotted hanging out with Disick’s kids for the first time this past Friday. And why would the blog’s alleged “source” now say he’s “been dying to introduce Sofia to the kids for ages” when it previously claimed they’ve met on several occasions before? The answer is simple: HollywoodLife makes up fake news, and then when it’s caught, it either tries to spin together its web of lies or pretends it never told them.

But Gossip Cop won’t ignore this or any of the other wholly fictitious stories that site manufactures. In October, for instance, we busted HollywoodLies when it falsely claimed Disick and Richie got engaged in Italy (below). That was untrue, and so is its new article that purports to have learned how Disick’s kids “loved” Richie when they first met her last week. Still, Gossip Cop fact-checked with an actual Disick confidante, who called the blog “ridiculous” for making up tales as it goes along.

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