Scott Disick NOT “Caught In Bed With Another Woman,” Despite Report Implying He’s Cheating On Kourtney Kardashian

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Scott Disick Cheating

By Daniel Gates |

Scott Disick Cheating

(Life & Style)

Kourtney Kardashian “caught” Scott Disick “in bed with another woman,” declares Life & Style, a magazine that’s been spreading lies about the Kardashians for years. Who was the other woman, according to the tabloid? Kourtney’s sister Khloe.

What were Khloe and Disick allegedly doing “in bed”? Watching movies. Seriously. That’s what Life & Style says. We wish we were making up this nonsense, but Life & Style decided to run a despicable cover story implying that Disick was caught having sex with a mystery woman, based on nothing, so here we are.

According to the tabloid, Kourtney and Disick had a “blowup fight” last month, he moved in with Khloe, and it’s “turned into a powder keg of family drama.” Life & Style claims that when Kourtney went to Khloe’s to “hunt down” Disick, she “discovered him cozying up with her sister under the covers.”

“Kourtney found him watching movies in bed with Khloe,” explains a so-called “insider” for the outlet, adding that Disick “immediately freaked out and jumped out of bed. He swore they weren’t doing anything inappropriate.” This Life & Style source, who apparently was under the covers with everyone, says an enraged Kourtney told Disick to get out of her sight. “Scott stormed out of the room with his tail between his legs,” claims the magazine’s insider. “He can’t be trusted, not even around her own sisters.”

Life & Style then launches into a boring and pointless regurgitation of how much Disick likes to party, and how this is somehow evidence that he and Kourtney are on the rocks, even though they’ve been together for years and just had a third child together, despite his fun-loving lifestyle. Last month, Life & Style published a story claiming the couple had split. It was false. So is the notion that Kourtney fears Disick is cheating on her with Khloe. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “it’s totally untrue,” calling the report “tabloid garbage.”


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