Scott Disick Slammed As “Trainwreck” By British Club For Bailing on Appearance

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Scott Disick Switch-Southampton

By Minyvonne Burke |

Scott Disick Switch-Southampton

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Scott Disick is being slammed by a British club named Switch Southampton for bailing last minute on an appearance, which they only found out he was going to be a no-show for via Twitter. In a post on Facebook, the club called the reality star a “trainwreck” and declared it will “NEVER book” another U.S. celebrity.

“Scott Disick has let us know via his manager’s Twitter at 9:30pm that he cannot come tonight due to ‘unforeseen circumstances.’ The real truth is he’s gone to Paris to party and ignore his fans,” reads the club’s Facebook post. “I wish I could put on here some more info on why he’s not here – Trainwreck.”

Disick was slated to host two events on Thursday night in England, one at Switch and the other at Bournemouth’s Cameo Club, but he cancelled both gigs. Disick didn’t give a reason for the last-minute cancellation, but instead just hopped on a flight to Paris, so he could party at Fashion Week with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner.

“These famous for nothing celebs have too much money and don’t realise they are letting down venues, ruining peoples reputations and livelihood, and their fans,” Switch Southhampton continued ranting on Facebook. “We will NEVER book US PA/Celebs – not if you paid us. His manager is spineless too – ignoring phone calls.”

Disick is scheduled to appear at two more nightclubs in the U.K. on Friday. His manager has already assured the venue’s owners that he will be in attendance. What do you think of Switch Southampton’s comments on Facebook about Disick?


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