Scott Disick Having Baby With Sofia Richie To Get “Revenge” On Kardashians?

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Scott Disick Sofia Richie Baby Revenge

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Scott Disick Sofia Richie Baby Revenge

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Scott Disick is not having a baby with Sofia Richie to get “revenge” on the Kardashians. He’s not having a baby, period. Gossip Cop can debunk a completely wrong story from the tabloids.

The article in question can be found in OK!, under the headline, “Scott & Sofia’s Revenge Pregnancy.” According to the tabloid, Disick is upset that Kourtney Kardashian has gone “public” with boyfriend Younes Benjima, and so he’s “hatched a new plan to get under his ex’s skin: having a baby with his 19 year-old-girlfriend!” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Scott is upset that the Kardashians have cut him out of their circle. He’s not actively trying to get Sofia pregnant, but he’s not being careful.”

Wait, Disick isn’t “actively trying” to get Richie pregnant, but has a “plan” to upset the Kardashians by having a baby with her? There’s an inconsistency in the logic here. Furthermore, what kind of person would really talk to a gossip magazine about whether Disick is practicing safe sex? And on top of that, the assertion that Disick has been “cut out” of the Kardashians’ “circle” isn’t even true. He still sees members of the family, and just three days ago, Khloe Kardashian did a blog post about her “favorite moments” with him.

Still, the outlet’s questionable source goes on to contend, “With all the fuss over Kylie and Khloe’s pregnancies, he knows having a baby would blow up their world.” Actually, it would blow up Disick’s own world. After all, he’s the one who would have to spend time and money raising this child, not the Kardashians. It would be far more of a lifelong commitment for him than something that would really get “revenge” on the infamous clan. Yet the publication’s alleged tipster maintains, “Scott knows that this relationship could end just as quickly as it started, but he’s desperate to prove that he’s moved on from Kourtney. And Sofia doesn’t care. She’s young and in love; she’ll do anything Scott asks.”

To recap: Disick wants to have a baby with Richie to get “revenge” on the Kardashians, though he’s not “actively trying” to impregnate her and knows they may split “quickly.” And Richie is “on board with his twisted idea,” willing to get pregnant at 19 and change the rest of her life just because she’ll “do anything” with him. Is this a soap opera? Because Gossip Cop is pretty sure we’ve seen this outlandish plot unfold on television countless times.

But in reality, Gossip Cop has already busted reports about Disick and Richie having a baby together. In fact, one false story on this subject came from OK! sister outlet Star, which spun a piece about Sofia and Kourtney both wanting babies with Disick. But regardless of any “revenge” scheme, Disick has no intention of having a child with Richie, Gossip Cop is told, and, obviously, it’s not on the agenda with Kourtney right now, either. These are fictional tales best left to daytime TV.

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