Scott Disick And Sofia Richie Secretly Broke Up?

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cott Disick and Sofia Richie attend Rolla's x Sofia Richie Launch Event at Harriet's Rooftop

By Laura Broman |

cott Disick and Sofia Richie attend Rolla's x Sofia Richie Launch Event at Harriet's Rooftop

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Are Scott Disick and Sofia Richie secretly broken up? That claim is being pushed by a tabloid this week, but it’s totally false. Gossip Cop knows the truth.

According to Star, the reality star and the model have split in private, but just haven’t announced it yet. “They’re saving face right now,” a so-called “insider” reports, adding that Richie is “relieved to finally walk away.”  The source attributes the supposed breakup to Richie’s focus on her career and Disick’s “controlling” and “jealous” behavior. Richie “wanted to express herself in ways Scott didn’t approve of,” claims the suspicious tipster.

Since the alleged end of their relationship, the source continues, Disick is focused on convincing Richie to come back to him. She, on the other hand, is “excited to move on.” The tabloid adds that those “close” to the pair say it would take a “miracle” for them to work things out.

The only problem with all of these claims? Richie and Disick are quite obviously still together. Gossip Cop contacted a trustworthy source close to the pair, who was not able to speak on the record, but who assured us the story was false. And in any case, the tabloid’s claim is so weak and baseless that it falls apart under even the slightest scrutiny.

As recently as the last two weeks, Richie and Disick have been seen engaging in a ton of PDA. The couple, who have been together since 2017, celebrated Valentine’s Day together with a date night at a Montecito restaurant. Richie shared several photos of herself and Disick on social media throughout. It seems rather unlikely that the model would share photos with a man she had already broken up with and was relieved to be away from.

Last week, Disick also joined his girlfriend and her father Lionel Richie at a launch party for her new denim line. Once again, Richie shared a photo on her Instagram story, this time of the two kissing, along with caption, “my love.” Clearly, whatever “insider” Star is listening to didn’t even bother to check the model’s social media to see if their claims held any truth.

Of course, Disick and Richie are no strangers to bogus tabloid headlines about their relationship. Last October, Star ran another story pushing the opposite rumor to this one: that Richie and Disick were planning to be married and starting a family by New Year’s. A rep for Disick dismissed the entire story for Gossip Cop. 

In December, Heat likewise claimed that Kourtney Kardashian was “taking steps” to prevent an oncoming engagement between her ex and Richie. Gossip Cop debunked that one as well. Disick, Kardashian and Richie actually get along great, having even taken vacations together with Disick and Kardashian’s children.


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