Reaction To Scott Baio Speaking At Republican National Convention

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Scott Baio RNC Reaction

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Scott Baio RNC Reaction

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Scott Baio has been added to the list of speakers at the Republican National Convention, which begins on Monday in Cleveland, and now Twitter has weighed in on the choice of Chachi. While he has some fans and supporters, for the most part Baio’s career and relevance as a political figure are being mocked. See reactions below, including a few from celebrities.

As Gossip Cop reported, Baio voiced his support for Donald Trump back in March while appearing on Fox News. The former “Happy Days” and “Charles In Charge” star told Jeanine Pirro, well before Trump became the GOP’s presidential nominee, that he endorsed the business mogul because he wanted someone to “relentlessly attack” Hillary Clinton and felt Trump was the man to do it. He returned to Pirro’s show on Saturday night to announce that he was asked to speak at the RNC.

Michael Ian Black tweeted, “Honestly did not think we’d be talking as much about Scott Baio this year.” And Andy Richter cracked, “Never thought I’d ever be in the position of looking forward to what Scott Baio has to say so yeah I guess this election has changed me.” One detractor joked, “The real hero here is Barbara. Had she not switched her Denny’s shifts with him, there’s no way Scott Baio could’ve said yes to the RNC.” Another twitter user wrote, “Scott Baio speaking at GOP convention.??… WTF! Was Alf not available?”

Commenting both on Twitter trends and the choice of the actor, one user tweeted, “Conservative actor Scott Baio starts trending so fast Sunday people ‘thought he died.’” “Scott Baio speaking at the GOP convention is the weirdest way to audition for Celebrity Apprentice,” added another user. “I hope Donald Trump appoints Scott Baio the ‘Charles In Charge Of Making America Great Again’ at the convention,” wrote one individual. And referencing the last Republican National Convention, someone mocked, “Scott Baio: Because Clint Eastwood’s empty chair was already booked this week.”

As noted, there are supporters of Baio. One fan expressed, “Libs who think Kim Kardashian is a role model, are bashing Scott Baio over his educated beliefs. Your intolerance, bigotry, & fear are showing.” And another tweeted, “All you losers bashing Scott Baio, quit being uneducated haters. I know you’re scared your criminal nominee Clinton is finished, but c’mon.”

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