Scott Baio’s Eva Longoria Tweet: Don’t “Play Dirty” With Latino Vote

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Scott Baio eva Longoria Dirty Latino Vote

By Shari Weiss |

Scott Baio eva Longoria Dirty Latino Vote

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Scott Baio accused Eva Longoria of playing “dirty” on Election Day when she tweeted about free rides to the polls for Latino voters.

On Monday night, the eve of the presidential election, Longoria told her followers, “Hey, Voters! @VotoLatino is providing you w/ a free #RideToThePolls! Text GO VOTE to 73179 to receive your free ride on election day!” She included a photo showing how would-be voters just need to text in order to get free transportation to their polling site.

But that didn’t sit well with Baio, who responded on Tuesday morning. Quoting Longoria’s tweet, the actor wrote back to her, “Hello my friend. Are you talking about ‘legal’ Latinos? Let’s not play dirty. There’s enough of that in Washington.” (See screengrab below.)

Of course, Voto Latino is a reputable civic organization, and is trying to help facilitate voting for American citizens. Longoria has not responded to Baio’s insinuation that she is trying to get undocumented Latinos to vote. While it’s unclear if she has even seen his message, the actress went on tweet 20 minutes later, “Today’s the day!! Get out there and vote everybody! #VoteYourFuture.”

As Gossip Cop has reported, Baio has been one of Donald Trump’s earliest celebrity supporters. He spoke at the Republican National Convention, much like Longoria, who has campaigned for Hillary Clinton, gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention. But as only one candidate can win, one of these stars is likely to be pretty unhappy come late Tuesday night.

Scott Baio eva Longoria Tweet

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