Scooter Braun: I’m Still “Willing” To Have Justin Bieber’s Back – Watch “CBS This Morning” Interview

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Scooter Braun Justin Bieber CBS Interview

By Shari Weiss |

Scooter Braun Justin Bieber CBS Interview


Scooter Braun says he’s still willing to have Justin Bieber‘s back in an interview broadcast on “CBS This Morning” on Thursday. He also spoke about Kanye West and Ariana Grande. Watch the video below.

In a wide-ranging chat with Gayle King, Braun was asked about the moment he discovered Bieber on YouTube. “I was blown away when I saw him sing Ne-Yo, ‘So Sick’ because he sang with such soul,” the manager recalls. “And I thought, ‘Here’s a kid who could do that Michael Jackson model of angelic songs that made you believe in love again before you grew up and got jaded.'” He acknowledges that Bieber’s decision to cancel the remainder of his tour in late July was “extremely” difficult, and hints at a deep explanation.

“Look, I think he’ll decide to tell people when he’s ready of what exactly happened. But I think he was making a decision, like he said, to protect himself,” Braun said. “But he’s 23 years old, and if he makes a decision as a man, as long as he’s willing to listen to opinions and hear people out, if he has true conviction, I’m willing to have his back.” And that’s despite admitting their relationship was “absolutely” strained during the years Bieber was accused of acting out.

Braun explained their dynamic shifted “because I wasn’t willing to be a yes man. I wasn’t willing to stand by. And I also had never been through it before. He was going through really hard times, and for a year and a half, I failed… I tried every single thing to get him back on the right track, and I failed time and time again. And my dad gave me great advice. He said, ‘Look, your responsibility isn’t to change him. It’s to be a rock.'” And so a rock he continues to be.

During the interview, Braun also revealed it was West’s idea to work together. “We’d been friends a long time, and all of a sudden, one thing led to another. I told him, ‘Look, I probably shouldn’t manage you. We’re friends. Better not doing.’ He goes, ‘No, you need to be part of the team,'” he shared with King. And despite agreeing to take some time to think it over, Braun said, “The next day, I get a phone call from Adidas and Def Jam saying, ‘We were told to deal with you, that you’re in charge.'” I called Kanye and I said, ‘I thought we’d talk in a week.’ He goes, ‘I don’t have time to wait a week. You’re in. And that was that.'”

King also asked Braun about pulling off Grande’s Manchester benefit concert following the terrorist attack. “The hardest part was we kept getting ‘no’ from a lot of people, saying, ‘Oh, it’s too soon, and you can’t do this.’ And we were feeling like, ‘We have to do it now, and quickly. That’s the statement.’ We didn’t wanna be disrespectful, so we reached out to the families of the victims, and overwhelmingly, they were supportive.” Check out the full video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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