Scooter Braun: Be “Angry” About “Anti-American” Donald Trump, Not Ariana Grande Donut-Licking Incident

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Scooter Braun Angry Ariana Grande Donut Licking

By Shari Weiss |

Scooter Braun Angry Ariana Grande Donut Licking

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Scooter Braun thinks Ariana Grandes infamous donut-licking incident has been blown out of proportion, particularly in light of other issues going on in the world.

As Gossip Cop reported, Grande was caught on camera in July seemingly licking donuts at a California shop and exclaiming, “I hate America.” Amid a huge backlash, Grande issued a series of apologies, including a written statement and an emotional video. In a new New York Times interview, Braun is asked how he handled his client’s “first real mini-scandal.”

“I tell her, you have to address the mistakes that you made and own them,” says the manager. “Some of the words she used in that shop were things she needed to address, and she did.” That said, Braun goes on to argue that there was an overreaction.

With an allusion to Justin Bieber’s egg-throwing controversy, Braun tells the paper, “But I also think — not about her, but just in general — we’re getting a little ridiculous when it comes to doughnuts and eggs. The rock stars of ’70s were really [expletive]. Let’s talk about some real stuff.”

“Why are we discussing that when we have real significant issues in the world?” asks Braun. “Like, gun control. And the fact that a presidential candidate is saying things that I find to be anti-American. These are the things we should be angry and frustrated about.”

Braun doesn’t refer to Donald Trump by name, but it’s clear who he is taking about. Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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