VIDEO: Principal Announces Snow Day With “Let It Go” Parody “School Is Closed”

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Snow Day Frozen Parody

By Shari Weiss |

Snow Day Frozen Parody


The only thing better than a snow day is a snow day announcement set to Frozen’s “Let It Go.” A principal in Rhode Island stars in a new viral video in which he announces the news in a spot-on parody called “School Is Closed.” Watch below!

The four-minute clip features Matt Glendinning, the head of school at Moses Brown School in Providence, R.I., which describes itself as “an independent, college-prep, Quaker day school” serving students from nursery through 12th grade. The principal lip synchs at the start of the song, “The snow glows bright on Route 95. There’s not a tire track to be seen. We could make you come to school but that would just be mean.” As the track picks up, Glendinning continues, “Don’t come to school here at MB. Today the snow has set you free. It’s true, no school. Just stay at home. You can stay at home!”

“School is closed, school is closed. ‘Cause it snowed so much last night,” the academic administrator sings in the chorus. “School is closed, school is closed. So stay at home and sit tight. Stay inside or go out and play. Gonna grab my sled. The cold never bothered me anyway.” Throughout the video, Glendinning runs around campus in winter gear spreading the snow day news.

The video was released to announced there would indeed be a snow day Tuesday, as a blizzard rocks New England with a foot of snow reported in Rhode Island. While the idea was in the works for some time, it was all put together just a few days ago, with vocals provided by the chair of the school’s performing arts department, and the director of communications and community engagement handling lyrics and direction. It’s timeliness, and catchiness, cannot be denied. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!


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