Scarlett Johansson laughs at Colin Jost's "dirty" talk? The stars' sex life is the subject of a silly story in this week's tabloids. But Gossip Cop can reveal the report is a work of fiction.

"TV Dirty Talk Gets ScarJo Giggly/Kinky," exclaims a ridiculous headline in the National Enquirer. Written in absurd language, the supermarket tabloid begins its piece by stating, "Never talk dirty to ladies if you want turn 'em on, right guys? Wrong, insisted ScarJo, who hotly admitted kinky talk from hunky boy toy CoJo unfailingly triggers turn-ons!" The magazine then quotes a "secret ScarJo source," which is code for "invented insider."

This purported (and non-existent) "source" claims in the article, "She told me that talking dirty sets off the giggles, and that every time CoJo actually tries to be sexy, he inadvertently manages to crack me up! Somehow, that's the biggest turn-on for me, because anyone can say sexy sh*t... but Colin's quick wit is such a huge, huge turn-on!" The outlet ends its salacious tale by urging the pair to "get busy." Gossip Cop urges readers to review that quote carefully, as the pronoun usage doesn't make much sense. That's another indicator it was all made up, as is this supposed snitch referring to Jost as "CoJo," a name that no real person uses.

The piece is only made more bizarre by its accompanying art, for which the publication photoshopped a picture of Johansson to make it look like she seductively crawled atop Jost's "Weekend Update" desk from "SNL." Of course, the biggest issue is this: No person legitimately close with Johansson would be talking to a tabloid about her sex life with Jost or anyone else. It seems the magazine just has an obsession with manufacturing naughty stories about the actress. Last year, for example, the outlet made up a story about an alleged wardrobe malfunction leaving Johansson nude as she filmed Ghost in the Shell.

A few months later, the publication fudged a piece about Johansson hiring a male stripper for a co-worker from Rough Night. A rep for the star told Gossip Cop that neither incident took place. And now we're assured that no one is really telling the National Enquirer that Johansson laughs at Jost's "dirty" talk.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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