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Scarlett Johansson is no stranger to the tabloids, but things got more intense once she started dating Colin Jost. Johansson's relationship with the comedian was the subject of ridiculous claims and now, the couple is happily engaged, but that didn't stop the rumors from spreading. We've gathered the most off-beat pieces about the pair that Gossip Cop has busted.

Let's kick things off with a story published by Star in November 2018, claiming Johansson wanted Jost to quit Saturday Night Live. The article claimed that due to her demanding schedule, the actress wanted him to quit the popular show, so he could focus on their relationship. An alleged insider was quoted by the publication saying "Long-distance isn't good for their relationship. The harsh reality is that Colin needs to think about leaving the show if he wants to devote more time to Scarlett."

The week before the story came out, Johansson was seen with Jost and his costars from SNL at the American Museum of Natural History Gala. The actress looked happy and seemed to be enjoying herself with Jost's castmates, which debunks the story's allegation that she has problems with Jost working on the show. Johansson was also seen attending the comedy show's legendary after-parties before this, and in December, Johansson hosted SNL, further dismissing the false narrative.

Star came under fire once again in May 2019. This time the tabloid claimed Johansson and Jost were breaking up. It should be noted the story came out after the two announced they were engaged. The outlet, however, insisted the couple were "on the rocks" after Jost "got wind" that the actress was "cozying up" with an unidentified man. A supposed source told the publication, "I don't know how much more of this Colin can take. He acts all calm and collected, but that's his thing. Inside, he's ready to burst."

Regardless of what the outlet said, there were no photos to support the allegation that Johansson was cheating. It was easy to disprove the story, Gossip Cop pointed out the couple's engagement was enough to show that there were no problems between the pair.

Star didn't let up with its rampant tall tales. The tabloid started this year off saying Johansson was putting off picking a date for her and Jost's wedding. The outlet alleged the actress, "seen how you can enter a marriage with big expectations of love, only to have things turn sour quickly". A source told the outlet "She's keeping Colin at bay for the time being while she sorts out her feelings." The source further stated the SNL star was "hurt" over his fiance's plans to hold off on the wedding and doesn't feel like he should have to pay the price for Scarlett's previous heartaches."

The story was not true. Once again, Gossip Cop explained the tabloid had no real insight on the couple's relationship. The outlet ran with the tale because no date had been set for the wedding yet, but that didn't mean the actress had cold feet. Johansson spoke on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about her fiance's romantic proposal, and she also explained that she had a very busy schedule. That doesn't sound like a wedding was being put off or that Johansson was having second thoughts, it sounds like they are two busy people.

Following this, NW wrote a story that Johansson and Jost were planning to have a wedding at Disney World. In March 2020, the outlet claimed the couple was going to get married at the "happiest place on earth" because Johansson's daughter, Rose, picked the place. Supposed "friends" of the couple told the outlet Jost and Johansson would dress as Cinderella and Prince Charming during the ceremony, once again to appease Rose. The alleged "friends" of the couple then brought up Johansson's past marriages, saying "Colin has what it takes to get past Scarlett's 'three-year marriage itch." Scarlett often says Colin's what would happen if you took the best of her exes and made the perfect guy".

As romantic as a Disney wedding sounds, the story was completely fabricated. Gossip Cop pointed out more than likely, the publication got its story from a New York Post story that revealed Jost and Johansson were "Disney fanatics" and love to visit the theme park. That doesn't mean their wedding will be Mickey Mouse-themed.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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