Scarlett Johansson is using Colin Jost as her personal public relations guide? That's the silly story in a tabloid. Gossip Cop looked into the claim and found it ridiculous.

Referring to Jost as "Scarlett's Surprising PR Guru," Star claims Johansson has been consulting her fiance for advice about her public image. "The only person Scarlett talks to about her image strategy is Colin, and everyone is convinced he's the one pulling the strings," an anonymous "industry insider" tells the magazine. "It's nice they can work with each other, but it seems he's been supportive of her taking edgy stances that come across as divisive."

The outlet then points to the backlash Johansson received for her recent statements supporting Woody Allen and defending an actor's right to play roles outside of their own race or gender. "Colin encourages Scarlett to be her uncensored self," the supposed insider adds. "They don't care if there's a cleanup operation going on behind them after each interview!"

The very basis of this article is bogus. Of course two people in a committed relationship ask each other for advice and talk about their lives. We're sure similar things happen with other celebrity couples. It's outrageous, however, to assert that Johansson is solely relying on Jost for her image. Both stars have entire teams for themselves and their respective projects, and why would Johansson continue to employ those PR experts if she's only going to rely on her partner?

Second, if Jost was really encouraging Johansson to be more inflammatory and controversial, why is it that the actress's most hotly debated opinions only emerge in personal interviews? In the two years she's been involved with Jost, her comments on Allen and casting practices were the only real controversies, and she's had plenty of interviews that featured standard, non-provocative responses.

In reality, the two are fairly private about their relationship. Johansson doesn't even have any form of social media, which are perfect outlets for a person to be their "uncensored self," if that's what they wanted to do. Regardless of how much the couple discusses show business or their careers in their personal time, we're told there's no "guru" role for Jost on Johansson's team.

Shortly before news of the couple's engagement broke in May, Gossip Cop busted Star for publishing an article declaring Johansson and Jost were "on the rocks." This past August, we caught the outlet lying about Johansson and Jost having a rooftop wedding in New York. The tabloid couldn't keep up with couple's relationship before they were engaged, and it doesn't seem like anything has changed since then.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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