Scarlett Johansson, Bobby Flay “More Than Friends” Claim NOT True

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Scarlett Johansson Bobby Flay Dating

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Scarlett Johansson Bobby Flay Dating

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Scarlett Johansson and Bobby Flay are not “more than friends,” despite a suggestive report. Though the stars were recently seen out together, there’s no romance blossoming. Gossip Cop can help set the record straight.

“Romantic night out or chummy chow-down?” asks OK! in its new issue. “That’s what friends are wondering after Scarlett Johansson and Bobby Flay were spotted on a dinner date in NYC’s West Village.” Of course, Johansson and Flay’s friends wouldn’t actually need to wonder. They would know, like Gossip Cop does, that the outing was strictly platonic.

But the tabloid is trying to make hay out of it, suggesting that a relationship may be blooming between the pair. Johansson, notes the gossip magazine, has been “playing the field” since divorcing Romain Dauriac and was “most recently linked” to “SNL” star Colin Jost. And Flay, the outlet points out, was “dating ‘Master of Sex’ star Helene Yorke as of last summer,” but is “known as a ladies’ man.” But none of that is evidence that Johansson is now “playing the field” with Flay or proof that he’s being a “ladies’ man” with her.

Still, the publication thinks it has something “incriminating” that indicates the pals aren’t just pals. Earlier this year, the tabloid recounts, Johansson told Howard Stern “she has a thing for chefs, listing Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay as crushes.” The actress told the shock jock, “There’s a running theme.” Okay, so, Johansson appreciates a guy who is foodie. How does that mean she and Flay are now “more than friends”? It doesn’t.

And the only “source” quote the magazine has to offer is this: “[Johansson] likes confident, Type A guys, and Bobby fits the bill.” Yes, that’s why they’re friends and have been for years. The actress’ rep has even gone on record saying so, further pointing out that they’re neighbors, a relevant fact this article doesn’t even mention. But that’s the extent of their connection. To recap, OK! claims Johansson and Flay’s friends are wondering if they’re dating because they had dinner and both are seemingly unattached.

Apparently the publication doesn’t know males and females can hang out without romantic implications and also wants readers to believe those close to them don’t actually know what’s going on with their love lives, and therefore have to wonder to a tabloid. It’s ridiculous. But clueless absurdity actually seems to be among the outlet’s specialties. Two months ago, we busted OK! for falsely claiming Johansson was suddenly refusing to dye her hair for future Avengers films, even though she never previously dyed it for the franchise in the first place. The tabloid clearly needs to stop cooking up bad dish.