Scarlett Johansson: I Was “So Surprised” By What My Baby Looked Like

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Scarlett Johansson W

By Daniel Gates |

Scarlett Johansson W


Scarlett Johansson’s body may get a lot of attention, but it was her husky voice that first impressed people when she auditioned for movies as a kid. “When I was young, I would talk and everyone thought I had a cold,” she tells W. “But when I went out for films, they loved my voice. It was a different world.”

Before her voice took center stage in Her, the actress had tried, unsuccessfully, to get a big animation project. “I actually visited Pixar, hoping that they would use me for a cartoon,” she explains. “They didn’t. I was ripe for the picking! What happened?.. Now they have to give me a cartoon! I just called them out.”

In terms of her physical assets, Johansson’s not shy about showing them off. Referring to her recent role in the creepy alien movie Under the Skin, the star says, “I was completely naked in that movie. She was a totally different species, so her nudity was kind of practical. I also had black hair. That was my idea — I didn’t think I should be a blonde sort of bombshell. Naked, but not too sexy.”

Johansson doesn’t mind being naked off-screen, either. “Everyone has seen my breasts!” she says when she’s offered a private dressing area. “I can change my top right here.”

As for her biggest role, as a new mom, Johansson says of her baby daughter Rose, “When she came out of me, I was so surprised. I had a very strong picture in my mind of what my baby would look like. And, of course, she is completely different. Perfect, but not what I’d imagined. Now, of course, I can’t picture her any other way.”


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