“Scandal” Recap: “Yes”

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Scandal Recap October 1 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap October 1 2015


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Olivia and Fitz were forced to deal with the consequences of their relationship going public. Here are the most important things to know about “Yes,” the second episode of season 5.

The episode picked up where last week’s season premiere kicked off, with Sally breaking the news of Olitz’s relationship on her TV show. It quickly became clear that there was an internal leak, and when Fitz sought out Olivia to address the press together, she snuck out of the White House. The next day, Olivia tried to pour herself into work, and Mellie tormented Fitz over Olivia becoming “America’s mistress.” She offered to help him deny the affair… if he took back the divorce papers. Fitz, however, was convinced she was the leak, and that she did so to get back into the White House, which she denied.

Fitz continued to brush off Abby’s insistence he make a statement, refusing to do so without Olivia, and asked David to find proof Mellie was the photo source. He confiscated the First Lady’s computers, and she swore she had nothing to hide. Meanwhile, Olivia and Quinn, reluctantly accepting Huck’s help, began working on a case in which a guy named Gavin was arrested for murdering his father, and then went missing after getting released on bail. Liv vowed to Gavin’s stepmother that she would find him before anyone knew he was gone, and her search uncovered him at a casino.

Jake showed up to help, and Gavin proclaimed his innocence in his father’s death, putting the blame on his stepmother, suggesting she killed her husband to get his billion-dollar fortune and be with her lover. Back at the office, a reporter trespassed wanting to know about Olivia and Fitz, and while Quinn kicked the guy out, she thought Huck’s intense reaction was proof that Jake hadn’t “fixed” him.

Cyrus called Abby to gloat after she struggled through a press briefing, and then offered advice: “Be the adult.” He encouraged her to take power by treating Fitz like a child, forcing him to get in line, and controlling the situation by getting Mellie back in the White House. She suspected that would lead to her firing, but Cyrus said it would be only temporarily. At a press conference afterward, Abby insisted all was well with the President and First Lady, greatly pissing off Fitz, and leading Liz to give her a tongue-lashing. Cyrus, however, thought Abby “saved his presidency,” and revealed he was motivated to help because he wanted to get at enemy Liz.

Jake confronted Olivia over using the case to hide from what was going on with Fitz at the same time Quinn and Huck had a fight that led him to walk out. Quinn then uncovered that Gavin’s dad was changing his will to cut him out after finding out his son was forging checks. Before Olivia could process the new info, she was recognized in a diner and then swarmed by people wanting to take her photo, giving the perfect opportunity for Gavin to run off.

Fitz tried explaining away his affair to a disappointed Susan by saying he fell in love and he’s a “flawed person” at the same time Olivia cried in a dark motel room, hiding out from the press, who now knew her whereabouts. She wondered to Jake how she ended up at this point, and admitted to being “scared,” which he thought was a good thing. “You know what to do,” he told her. They ended up spooning at her request, and she said she was running from her shame. “Loving the President isn’t a crime,” Jake told her, and yet, she pointed out, here she is on the run… just like Gavin.

Abby tried to convince Fitz that Olivia would never be all-in with his life, after which he gave Mellie the apology she so badly wanted and told her to “come home.” David’s investigation was officially “inconclusive,” after he determined that her key code was used to get the surveillance footage, but he found no proof she downloaded the info, and Fitz just didn’t care anymore. Abby, however, realized Liz was the actual leaker, as she had Mellie’s code, and demanded to a blindsided Liz that they now be “equals” going forward.

After Olivia and Jake tracked down Gavin again, he confessed to his killing his father. With the case closed, Quinn went to Huck to offer an apology of sorts, saying she’s just as messed up as he is. As Olivia and Jake drove home, she listened to a voicemail from Fitz, who said he realized what she doesn’t want: “this.” He told her of his plan to show a united front with Mellie, saying in the message to his true love, “I don’t want you to throw away your whole life for me. I love you too much for this.” But when Olivia ultimately went home and was surrounded by reporters asking if she was the “president’s mistress,” she confidently answered, “Yes.” Fade to black.

The promo for next week showed both the White House and Olivia’s crew reacting to her “truth bomb.” TELL US: What do you think of this week’s “Scandal”?


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