“Scandal” Recap: “Wild Card”

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Scandal Recap February 25 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap February 25 2016


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Fitz was preoccupied with new love interest Lillian, while Olivia questioned Jake’s continued closeness with her father. Here are the most important things to know about “Wild Card,” the 12th episode of season 5.

The show began with Fitz and Lillian making out in the back of a limo, only to be interrupted by Abby, who was concerned about him being with a “wild card,” a woman who isn’t an official live-in companion, without following proper protocol for the president’s safety. “I need to put in a request to get laid?” an angry Fitz asked.

Abby apologized the next day, saying they’re in unchartered territory with a single president, but insisted they sit down and make a plan. Instead, Fitz scheduled another date, and Abby complained to Cyrus that he was “out of control.” Unbeknownst to her, Cyrus had his sights on Francisco Vargas, the first Hispanic governor of Pennsylvania, as his new “Fitz,” and he sent Tom out to set up an assassination attempt that would propel a sympathetic Francisco to the forefront of the news.

Due to the subsequent shooting and hostage situation, Abby was again forced to interrupt a Fitz and Lillian makeout, and the president was furious, accusing her of just being mad he isn’t with Olivia. Abby angrily said that at least they knew Liv, and Fitz demanded she stay out of his life, or at least this aspect of it, or he’d fire her.

Papa Pope was impressed with Olivia’s work on Mellie’s book, and revealed to his daughter that Jake is seeing someone he “really likes.” Liv played it off, saying they weren’t a couple, but was clearly unnerved. An angry Huck wanted to know if Olivia figured out what her father and Jake were up to, or if she was just “sleeping with the enemy” for the helluva it, but she insisted “no one is up to anything.”

After hooking up yet again, Olivia revealed to Jake that she knew he had someone else. He called her “special” and acknowledged that they’ve been together for a while, but wouldn’t tell Liv who it was. After, as Papa Pope insisted he was “done” with his old ways and “retired,” Olivia flashed back to their tense moments and realized she still couldn’t trust him. She deduced that her dad wanted her separated from Jake, so she wouldn’t find out whatever they were planning. But when Liv called Jake on it, he didn’t confirm or deny.

Abby called Olivia to vent about Fitz, but wouldn’t actually tell her what happened. Liv admitted she didn’t “want to know,” but was clearly upset by the call. She went on to blast Huck, insisting that the only way for her to “win” would be “not to play.” Huck was taken aback by her rage, which he further fueled by saying the “monster” (her dad) would “eat” her.

Meanwhile, Jake, as the new head of the NSA, had to give Fitz and Cyrus a report on the hostage situation, and Cyrus feared the FBI’s SWAT team would take his “hero moment” from Francisco. At it turned out, Francisco got shot in the shoulder, but overpowered his captor, with it all caught on camera. The governor was deemed an instant hero.

Photos later emerged of Lillian using Fitz’s private entrance, leading Abby to panic that it would be spun that the president was having sex during this life-and-death crisis. It led Abby to again insist they set up a plan, and Fitz understood and finally gave in, saying she would now be his “closest friend in the world.” When Abby still sought advice from Cyrus, he told her to invite Francisco to the White House for a meet-and-greet, which, of course, led Cyrus meeting him, too, just as he secretly wanted.

In one of the episode’s minor storylines, Quinn and Charlie bonded as they cared for the son of one of his supposed pals. It wasn’t until the end, though, that it was revealed that the young boy was the kid of the man Cyrus and Tom forced to do the assassination plot, and he was presumably now dead. Charlie was in on it, but Quinn, however, was none the wiser.

In the other minor plotline, Susan Ross officially announced her presidential run with a campaign rally, and called David for feedback… while he was in bed with Liz. Susan asked him out, and Liz actually encouraged him to sleep with her. When went through with it, Liz was clearly jealous. The show ended with Olivia telling Huck and Quinn to do a full investigation on Vanessa Moss, the woman Jake is seeing. The next episode will air on March 10.


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