“Scandal” Recap: “Vampires And Bloodsuckers”

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Scandal Recap November 9 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap November 9 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Mellie dealt with the aftermath of President Rashad’s assassination, while Quinn went missing on her wedding day. Here are the most important things to know about “Vampires and Bloodsuckers,” the sixth episode of season 7.

The show began with Olivia informing Mellie of Rashad’s death. A flashback then showed Jake telling Liv, “It’s done. He’s dead. Him and the niece.” She asked, “We did the right thing, right?” He replied, “We did the right thing.” The next day, Olivia briefed Mellie about the official proceedings for transferring Rashad’s body but said she would not be taking part due to Quinn’s wedding. She later gave Quinn a hair pin from the Smithsonian as a “something borrowed.” Liv thought her pal just had marriage jitters when she was actually upset because she knew she was behind the plane explosion.

“That was you,” Quinn cried. “I have a witness. You planted that bomb.” Olivia initially denied it, but yelled, “I do what I have to do!” Quinn vowed, “Your OPA was never about justice. Mine will be,” but Liv warned her to get married and “move on.” Privately, she was upset over the fight, but Jake told her not to be “rattled,” because they made the “right call” for the sake of getting nuclear arms out of rebel hands. And Olivia said it would all “blow over.”

The next day, Huck, as the best man AND maid of honor, was panicked about all going well. Abby then called to tell him and Liv that Quinn was “gone. She ran. She left her ring behind.” Now Liv was really upset, but hiding it. Charlie didn’t believe Quinn would really leave him at the altar, insisting this was not a matter of “cold feet.” Huck went to Quinn’s apartment looking for clues and brought back her laptop. The folder marked “Vows” was actually filled with her investigation on Rashad’s death. Huck declared, “Quinn didn’t run. She was taken.”

Jake secretly assured Olivia it was a “ruse,” arguing Quinn purposely disappeared to continue her investigation. As Huck, Charlie, David and Abby started investigating her disappearance, Olivia kept trying to hide what she knew. Curtis showed up looking for Quinn, saying she left him a message insisting Rashad was killed by an American, not the rebels. Now with Quinn missing, he wanted to dig to find the “story.” Jake discovered Quinn’s “witness” was an Air Force sergeant, and decided to expose his criminal past and his previous employment with Fenton to make everyone think they were responsible for Rashad’s death and Quinn’s disappearance.

Olivia agreed to the charade, even though they’d be ruining an “innocent” man’s life by pointing the finger at the tech mogul. Cyrus, who was now secretly hooking up with Fenton, was stunned when Abby said he was behind the assassination. Cyrus called the allegation “absurd,” but then expressed concern to the group that Fenton really was playing him. Unbeknownst to him, Charlie had already kidnapped Fenton and started torturing him for information on Quinn. Jake also had the sergeant killed, making David and company further believe Fenton was behind it all.

Meanwhile, the Bashrani ambassador told Mellie the new regime would agree to uphold the nuclear treaty if the U.S. recognized the new government’s legitimacy. She responded, “Tell them to run. Tell them to hide. Because I am coming for them. Congressional approval or not, I’m going to drop every last bomb on their heads to make them pay for what they’ve done.” Later, Mellie was upset that Olivia wasn’t returning to the White House due to Quinn’s disappearance, so she enlisted Jake, saying she wanted him to get the coup leaders removed. He pointed out, though, that he couldn’t take that “unofficial” order, because she’s not his boss in these off-the-clock (B613) situations.

She then went to Marcus for advice on what to do with Bashran. He told her, “[Rashad’s] dead. Move on and get your treaty signed.” He argued that saving millions from nuclear war is more important than getting vengeance over one man’s death. She then lamented feeling “alone,” but he had no sympathy. Mellie later told the ambassador that she would recognize the new regime but they had to sign her deal as written.

Huck discovered Quinn made a second call to Curtis, telling him that she met with the assailant and recorded their conversation. Cyrus then said it couldn’t have been Fenton because they were together all night. Olivia, feeling the walls closing in, ordered Jake to get the surveillance footage of their meeting before Huck and David could. Abby then realized Charlie was gone. Just as Charlie was about to saw off his fingers, Huck burst in and stopped him from hurting an “innocent” man. But the mystery remained: “Who has Quinn?”

In the final minutes, David retrieved the surveillance footage, which showed Quinn, but it cut off before showing whom she was with. Charlie openly exploded in anger and devastation, while Liv played off her distress as being genuinely about Quinn’s well-being. Cyrus comforted a beaten Fenton, Huck comforted Charlie, and David comforted Abby, who kissed him after earlier denying she had feelings for him. The episode ended with Olivia going to the underground B613 office, where Jake showed her footage of Quinn in her wedding dress in the QPA elevator. That meant she wasn’t off investigating after all and really was taken.

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