“Scandal” Recap: “A Traitor Among Us”

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Scandal Recap March 23 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap March 23 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Olivia ordered Huck to kill her father. Here are the most important things to know about “A Traitor Among Us,” the seventh episode of season 6.

The show began with Huck boxing with Meg, Jennifer’s friend, now his girlfriend, but he abruptly left after Quinn and Charlie told him Olivia was MIA. After listening to his voicemail, he met Olivia at a gas station. “I have a favor to ask,” she tearfully told him. “I need you to kill Rowan. I want my father dead, and I need you to do it.”

At her apartment, she told Huck that Papa Pope killed Frankie and revealed that Jennifer was still alive. She explained that Rowan forced Jennifer to frame Cyrus and then ordered Jake to kill her, but he didn’t. Huck was skeptical, but Liv begged him to murder her dad. “If you’re absolutely sure, for you, I’ll do it,” Huck said.

He set out the next day to fulfill his mission, tracking Papa Pope while armed with a gun. Face to face in a subway station, Rowan confirmed he assassinated Frankie, but revealed he was forced to do it and that Olivia’s life was now at risk. Huck didn’t believe him, but was unable to pull the trigger. Then he realized there really were people following Papa Pope to control him, just as he had said.

After, Rowan told Huck that whoever is monitoring Olivia must be in her inner circle, a “traitor among us,” and asked him to help find the mole. Obviously, the prime suspects were Quinn and Charlie. Huck started listening in on their conversations, and heard Quinn calling Meg a “random psycho.” But after Charlie left, Quinn started talking to someone about Jennifer.

Huck tracked Quinn to a hotel with Jake and Jennifer. With a gun in their face, they admitted they were working together to find out what was going on with Rowan. Huck revealed what he knew about Papa Pope, Olivia and the mole, and accused Quinn of being the traitor. She in turn pulled a gun on him, accusing Huck of being a double agent. They ultimately agreed to work together to find the real spy, but remained angry at each other, particularly because Quinn suggested Meg was the mole.

Huck and Meg slept together, but he became suspicious after she started asking about Olivia. She wanted to know what happened to Jennifer, unaware that her best friend was still alive, and asked for a one-on-one meeting. Huck later went to Abby, telling her Jennifer was alive in exchange for access to the imprisoned Becky. He wanted to know how he got “played,” and she taunted him. But he insisted he’s changed.

Huck told Olivia that her father was forced to kill Frankie, and did so out of love for Sandra, even though they didn’t know who she was. He thought Papa Pope had changed, but Liv insisted, “People don’t change.” She demanded he “make it happen by morning,” or she’d find someone else who could. He then spied Meg with the woman who was controlling Rowan.

He lured Meg to his apartment with the lie that Olivia agreed to take Jennifer’s case. When she arrived, he demanded she reveal who she was working for or he’d drug her. Meg said she had no idea who the woman was, that it was just a random encounter. He didn’t believe her, but couldn’t bring himself to inject her. She called him a “monster,” but swore she loved him before Huck let her go.

Towards the end of the episode, Huck was confronted by Olivia, Quinn and Charlie, who had Sandra’s dead body. They concluded Papa Pope killed her, and duped Huck with his story. He tried to make them believe him, and accused Liv of being “broken” and having a “blind spot.” He insisted, “People change. It happens.” Huck said he would not kill Rowan, and urged Olivia to “forgive” and “help” her dad.

Liv instead ordered Quinn to “finish the job” and told Huck to get rid of Sandra’s body. But before doing so, he found the bug that been recording Rowan and Sandra. He showed the footage, all that viewers saw last week, to Olivia, and she was stunned. She ordered Quinn to “stand down,” and later went with Huck to make peace with Meg, telling her that Jennifer was alive but in danger. “He’s not a monster. He’s changed,” Liv said of Huck.

Huck promised he would never touch her again, and brought Meg to reunite with Jennifer. But Meg shot her best friend dead, and then turned the gun on Huck, shooting him multiple times. At the very end, it was revealed Meg was working not just for the woman, but also Abby. Abby, apparently, is the traitor.

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