“Scandal” Recap: “They All Bow Down”

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Scandal Recap March 9 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap March 9 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” the mysteries surrounding Frankie’s assassination continued to unfold as Jake faced marital problems. Here are the most important things to know about “They All Bow Down,” the fifth episode of season 6.

The show began with a flashback to the night Jake joined Mellie’s ticket, and while Vanessa was thrilled, he thought he was stuck as Olivia’s puppet. Now in the present, 73 days before the inauguration, the couple was set to appear on “The Liberty Report” to win over electors for Mellie. But Vanessa was a no-show after getting into a drunken car accident. Jake was furious as OPA did damage control.

But back after the VP debate, they were still seemingly in love as he played the role of perfect candidate. Jake called Olivia out for becoming a “villain,” though she insisted it was about “redemption” and she had to “win.” After they got back on good terms, Vanessa grew suspicious and accused Jake of sleeping with her. He in turn lashed out and encouraged her drinking.

In the present, Olivia wanted Vanessa to go to rehab, but she thought that was just because Liv wanted to be with Jake. After calling Olivia a “whore,” Liv threw her up against a wall, and Vanessa apologized, saying, “I just want my husband back.” She was convinced Jake was cheating, revealing that he disappeared on election night right after Mellie’s loss, but before Frankie was shot. A third flashback showed he actually went to meet Papa Pope, who taunted Jake over the defeat, but told him he would still end up as VP if he played his part, handing him a notebook.

The current storyline continued with Olivia taking Vanessa home, and asking Jake if he’s been up to something. Naturally, he said no. Vanessa later told Jake she purposefully crashed the car, and cried over the breakdown of their marriage. Just when she thought he was going to finally open up, he insisted he couldn’t tell her about his dark past and she had to be “okay” with that if they were going to be a “team.” That only freaked her out more.

Meanwhile, Quinn wanted to find out who was framing Cyrus for Frankie’s murder, against Olivia’s wishes. But once questions were raised about Jake’s whereabouts, she led an OPA investigation. They concluded it was he who killed Jennifer and made her cabin explode, which a flashback seemed to confirm. They now tracked Jake to a motel.

Mellie convinced Vanessa to keep playing the dutiful wife, telling her to “suck it up” so she can one day “run the world.” And so she and Jake finally did their interview with Sally. But as they did, Quinn and Charlie went to the motel, where they found… nothing. Jake, of course, was one step ahead, and handed Liv a letter.

It showed a trust was set up in her name to make it look like she was the one who paid Tom to kill Frankie. She accused Papa Pope of framing her and wanted to know his endgame, but he refused to ‘fess up. Apparently, he actually knew nothing about it, and had it out with a woman who was actually running the secret mission to get Mellie in office. She saw Liv as a “liability” and warned Papa Pope that father and daughter were “expendable.”

In the final minutes, Olivia swore her innocence to Jake, who took her a deserted area and said, “I have a confession.” He led her through a wooded area to a house, explaining Jennifer had to die and Papa Pope’s order to do it made him feel like himself again. But in the house, there she was… still alive.

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